Super Mario Odyssey - Bowser: how to defeat the final boss

How to complete the Moon Kingdom objective.

Bowser is the boss you'll encounter at the end of Super Mario Odyssey, which follow on from Super Mario Odyssey - Bowser's Moon Wedding and Mother Broodal.

You'll find our full walkthrough for how to beat the final boss Bowser here, whilst you can head back to our main Super Mario Odyssey guide, walkthrough and tips hub for plenty more on all aspects of the game!

Bowser - the final boss

(If you've died a few times in a row, a shop keeper will appear in the Wedding Hall, selling a Life-Up Heart for 50 gold coins (adding an extra three bars of health).)


The basis of this Bowser fight is largely based on your encounter in the Cloud Kingdom, only now his attacks last longer and happen more often. He starts by flinging his boxing hat at you. Hit it, then jump in. He'll leap twice, causing three shockwaves. Follow his movement, punch away those brick balls, then keep hitting 'B' to pummel Bowser. When the blue shield appears, keep punching.


When he staggers, prepare to jump and leap over his tail and a shockwave. He'll do this once, then fall down. Hit him loads to smash him against the arena barrier. He'll now jump into the middle for a fiery interlude. Stand in one of the curved platforms and time your leaps over his fire. He'll only do this twice. Phase one, done.


Bowser will now throw his boxing hat and some purple decoys. Knock one or two of the purple ones away (a heart will pop out of one). Hit the white hat, then jump inside. He'll jump twice, cause three shockwaves, then fling three fiery balls at you. Dodge these, then rup and pummel. Keeping hitting until the blue shield and the stagger.


He'll now swing his tail twice before collapsing. Time your jumps, then pummel him into the wall. He'll jump into the middle and repeat his fiery interlude. The timing on this section is tough to master as the fire moves so fast, but watch the pattern. When he's done, he'll release even more hats.


Keep focused on the white one, hit it, jump in and he'll do the whole jumping/shockwave tactics. Leap over those shockwaves, as usual, but watch out for the four fiery projectiles Bowser throws (they're faster than the previous ones). Get close and pummel. Blue shield. Stagger.

He'll do three tail swings this time. Then fall. Pummel and be ready for another cheeky blue shield and stagger, it's quick and is followed by another tail swing. If he hits you, he'll leap away and start again. Time it right and you can pummel him into defeat.


A short cutscene ensues, which leads you into possessing… Bowser! With Peach on your back, run down the corridor and smash through the walls, leaping on the ledges as you come to them. Eventually, the floor will start to glow. As soon as you're touching a glowing tile, leap off or you'll lose a life. Knock down the stone bridge to continue.


Keep smashing and leaping and you'll reach a Warp Pipe. Enter it (yes, as Bowser) and smash your way around the 2D wall section. Leap onto the next level and smash your way through. Remember, the bottom section is falling through so keep moving!


Jump up, to the third level and break out of the 2D realm. Run forwards, leaping over the blocks and destroying the walls. Repeat this twice, destroying the wall of light at the end (and dodging the big falling chunks of rock).


Need more help? Our Super Mario Odyssey guide and walkthrough goes through every objective in each Kingdom, while our Power Moon locations can help you track down the likes of Cascade Kingdom Power Moons, Sand Kingdom Power Moons, Metro Kingdom and New Donk City Power Moons and more collectables. We also have Purple Coin locations for each Kingdom, and if you want to know what to spend it on, we have a hats list, outfits list, stickers list, a souvenirs list as well as a music list to kit out the appearance of both Mario and the Odyssey. Once you've finished the game, check out the free Balloon World update, too.

When you reach the other side, a pop punk song will kick in. In this room, you'll need to destroy the four pillars around the room. The more you destroy, the more hazardous the ground becomes to traverse.


Destroy all four, then start pummeling the cube in the middle.


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When it breaks, jump into the Spark pylon and push the left analog stick away to escape the chaos…

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