Pokémon Go's Christmas event follows the lead of the Halloween event earlier this year, introducing a wave of new Gen 3 creatures themed around the holiday in question - in this instance, water and ice - for players to catch.

It also sees the arrival of Delibird, one of Gen 2's missing creatures and Gold, Silver and Crystal's more unusual creatures, another new seasonal Pikachu, free incubators as well as other benefits as you get catching this holiday.

Pokémon Go Christmas event end date and end time

The Pokémon Go Holiday event began on December 21 and will end on January 4 at the following times:

  • UK: 9pm (BST)
  • Europe: 10pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 4pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 1pm (PDT)

Like Halloween, it's likely that any new Gen 3 creatures added in the event will be permanent additions to the game, though the other bonuses mentioned below - and possibly Gen 2's Delibird - will be time limited.


Delibird and other new Pokémon coming as part of the Pokémon Go Christmas event

A total of 21 new creatures will be added to Pokémon Go with the arrival of the event, 20 of which are from Gen 3.

The other is Delibird, one of two regular creatures (so not Legendary or Mythical) that have yet to be added to the game.

Delibird in Pokémon Go


What makes Delibird particularly interesting - and why until now it might have been absent - is it has a signature move named Present.

In the main handheld games, Present either dealt damage to the target, or healed it for a quarter of its max health. In Pokémon Go, it's simply a Normal-type Fast move with 5 damage; however catching a creature with Present (such as Delibird or this year's Santa Hat Pikachu) ives you 250 Stardust.

Delibird can be found in the wild, so keep exploring and it should turn up soon enough. There's a chance it will only be around while the event is active, so try and catch it as soon as possible to be safe.

New Gen 3 Pokémon added in the Christmas event

As for the new Gen 3 types, these are all water and / or ice types, and thanks to early leaks we know which these creatures are:

No.PokémonType, Evolution and predicted catch method
Water / Grass Type
No previous evolution
Water / Grass Type
Evolves from Lotad
(using Candy)
Water / Grass Type
Evolves from Lombre
Water / Dark Type
No previous evolution
Water / Dark Type
Evolves from Carvanha (using Candy)
Water Type
No previous evolution
Water Type
Evolves from Wailmer (using 400 Candy)
Water / Ground Type
No previous evolution
Water / Ground Type
Evolves from Barboach (using Candy)
Water Type
No previous evolution
Water / Dark Type
Evolves from Corphish (using Candy)
Water Type
No previous evolution
Water Type
Evolves from Feebas
(from walking Feebas as a Buddy for 20km)
Ice Type
No previous evolution
Ice Type
Evolves from Snorunt (using Candy)
Ice / Water Type
No previous evolution
Ice / Water Type
Evolves from Spheal (using Candy)
Ice / Water Type
Evolves from Sealeo (using Candy)
Water / Rock Type
No previous evolution
Water Type
No previous evolution

On the hunt for more Pokémon go tips and tricks? The end of 2017 has brought a new Christmas event with Delibird and 20 new Gen 3 Pokémon, the arrival of weather effects and Star Pieces, as well as recent changes to region exclusives, new Baby Pokémon and other additions to the Egg chart, plus two new Raid bosses and Shinies. Ever-expanding Pokédex completionists, meanwhile, might want to read about the various Special Items available as well as the various methods for determining Eevee evolutions, too.

Other Pokémon Go Christmas event additions, including free incubators

As well as the 20 new Gen 3 creatures and Delibird, the event will also introduce:

  • The return of Christmas Pikachu, donning a Santa Hat and coming with Delibird's signature Present move. Note even if you caught it last year, it'll appear as a 'uncaught' creature in your radar.
  • Until December 25, the first Photo Disc spin (aka spinning a PokeStop or a Gym Stop) will give you a single use Incubator.
  • New special boxes from the in-game shop. Until December 25, they will feature new consumable Star Pieces, Lure Modules and Super Incubators. From December 25 to January 4, 2018, these will offer Star Pieces, Raid Passes and Super Incubators.
  • Increased Ice-type Pokémon spawns, and anecdotally, more Gen 3 spawns in general.

So although we don't have any Stardust, XP or Candy bonuses as with previous events, the new creatures and free Incubators give us more than enough reasons to get out there and start playing.

The event is also a chance to build up your Medals and improve those Catch Bonuses, especially for Ice and Water - and of course, start unlocking the Hoenn medal with the arrival of even more Gen 3 creatures.

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