Yooka-Laylee Snowman locations and where to find their hidden hats using the snow plough

How to complete the Glitterglaze Glacier Mollycool mission.

Yooka-Laylee Snowman locations is one of the more convoluted Pagies in the early game.

Not only content with having you find the hidden Mollycool in Glitterglaze Glacier, you then have to find five hidden hats and give them to five snowman dotted around the stage. Getting all five will give you a stingy single Pagie for your efforts.

If you need more help, then consult our Yooka-Laylee guide and walkthrough for finding Pagies and other collectibles.

Hat locations in Yooka Laylee

Before you can help the snowmen around Glitterglaze Glacier you need to find their hats, and before you can find their hats, you need to find the Mollycool and turn into a snow plough.

Once you have done that, you can smash down snow piles with the Square (or X on Xbox) button to find hats. There are five different types of hats to find in total:

1. Head into Crystalline Cave that's behind you from Dr Puzz and there's a pile halfway through.


2. Head through the other end of Crystalline Cave to emerge above the water, then turn left towards the entrance. On the left is another snow pile.


3. There is pile of snow is on top of the Towers above Dr. Puzz. This one is made trickier because you need to go across two moving platforms to reach it - carefully drive and don't jump from one to the next to do it.


4. From where you transform into the snow plough, go straight onward and up the giant ice ramp to where you'd head towards the Brrreze Blok boss. When you go up the first ramp, look right and you'll see the snow pile on a distant cliff. Carefully use the moving platform to head across.


5. Head through to the area via the cavern round the corner from Dr Puzz to warp to the far left end of the stage. The snow pile is directly ahead by the bridge.


Need more help? Our Yooka-Laylee guide and walkthrough introduces the game's many activities, including early game Pagies and boss solutions, as well as Mollycool locations, Ghost Writer locations and Play Coin locations, as well as on-going updates to Dr Quack's Quiz answers.

Snowman locations in Yooka Laylee

Once you have the five hats, then it's time to find all five snowmen.

It's worth nothing that each different hat (cowboy, pirate, pointy) all correspond to a specific snowman, but since you need to deliver all five before you get the Pagie, it's easier not to worry about which goes where.

It makes extra sense to do this in one go since you can't deliver them as the plow, either.

1. From where you transform, this is in the body of water past the cavern on an island in the water.


2. Head inside Crystalline Caves. It's at the far end, just before the coloured crystal puzzle.


3. This one is inside the freezing caves straight ahead and up from where you begin the world. To get there, use the cavern next to Dr Puzz to transport to the other side of the level, and head through the ice block into the caves once it has been warmed (you'll need to have the Slurp ability to have lit all the torches inside first).


4. This is inside an underwater cave. To get there, use the cavern next to Dr Puzz to transport to the other side of the level, where there is a bridge ahead and on the igloos on the right. Swim past the bridge and go through the cavern, where the snowman is inside.


5. This is next to the igloos at the upper end of the level. To get there, use the cavern next to Dr Puzz to transport to the other side of the level, or head through the ice block from the freezing caves once it has been warmed (you'll need to have the Slurp ability to have lit all the torches inside first).


Do all five at once and upon completing the last, you'll automatically receive the Pagie. Phew!

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