Yooka-Laylee - Final boss Capital B strategy - How to beat the crowdfunded corporate creep

How to take down the big bad that's been taunting you all game.

Yooka-Laylee World final boss Capital B is the final trial of the game, and in classic video game fashion, .

It's arguably the toughest boss in the game, and that's not including a mandatory Katros segment required to unlock it.

If you need more help, then consult our Yooka-Laylee guide and walkthrough for finding Pagies and other collectibles.

How to reach the final boss

Once you have at least triggered World 5 boss Planette, head back out into the hub world, and go opposite of the Galleon Galaxy entrance to find gates, tall statues and a door.


Knock on the door, and you'll be told you must come back once you have 100 Pagies. Scour all the worlds and the hub you've visited to date; there's over 140 Pagies in the game, so while you have to get the majority of them, there's enough to go round that this shouldn't hopefully take too long.

Once done, you must take on one final quiz, before a cutscene and the final boss can begin. Good luck!

Capital B boss strategy

The boss has many waves, and individually they're not too difficult - the challenge is surviving every stage with the lives you have.

If you haven't already, we'd recommend picking up as many of the Health Extenders as you can, which will give you a few extra chances of survival if you get it, as well as Power Extenders for the final stage of the fight.


Part 1

The opening sees Capital B throw bee hives at you. Crouch, hold left trigger and press triangle (or Y on Xbox) to perform the Sonar 'Splosion move to destroy them.

Now run up to Capital B and attack with standard melee moves. Run towards the central of the arena when he stands back up, so you evade his flight to the side, where it'll repeat again.


The following part sees Corplets and crates appear. Clear the Corplets with melee attacks to stop them chasing, then smash the crates for ice pellets you can eat and spit out at Capital B.

He'll be throwing explosive hives all the while, so we recommend giving chase at a diagonal, and once you are clear of the hive, jumping and spitting. You could aim by clicking in with a stick, but you'll just get hit by a hive.


Keep advancing towards him, firing pellets and feeding from the plants as you circle round, as well as taking the time to clear out any nearby Corplets with melee attacks (pellets are too imprecise when you're avoiding explosives!) until you head up to the final boss arena.

Part 2

This hexagonal arena surrounded by toxic sludge has you survive a variety of attacks that begin to layer on top of one another.

At the first, dodge the shockwaves Capital B produces when he ground pounds with a jump and a glide around three or four times, then follow up with a melee attack when his cane gets stuck in the ground.


From here on, as well the arena shrinking, he'll attack using red shockwaves with additional attacks thrown in. First it's bees; keep moving as you avoid the shockwaves (glide over each one to avoid the bees) and when his cane is stuck, use Sonar 'Splosion to destroy the bees then follow up with a melee attack.

Next will be explosive hives which create yellow shockwaves. As you jump and glide over the red shockwaves, take a little longer in flight and some extra care where you land to avoid the yellow ones too. Melee when the cane is stuck.

The following wave is the same again, but with bees. Same rules apply; glide and avoid the shockwaves in one go, and keep moving until the cane is stuck, where you must pull off a quick Sonar 'Splosion. Follow up with more melee attacks.

Need more help? Our Yooka-Laylee guide and walkthrough explains how the retro-styled platformer works and how to defeat each boss. If you're after collectables, here's where to find all Mollycool locations, Ghost Writer locations, Play Coin locations, Butterfly Booster locations, Power Extender locations and where to find the secret Pirate Treasure locations. Meanwhile, our complete list of quiz answers will help you outsmart Dr Quack.

Part 3

The final part has heat-seeking stinger rockets fly through the air to your position. None of your attacks will work against it, so you have to direct it straight at the flying Capital B.

Use your flight ability and put Capital B in-between you and the rocket. This is easier said than done, with the wide arcs of the rocket and the difficulty of the flight controls, but keep flying round until it lines up just right.


After a while two then three rockets will be fired, with Capital B flying above the toxic waste. Again, fly close to Capital B so the rockets connect. This is most difficult at the end where he flies fast, but keep patient, and don't be afraid to 'rest' on the platform and jump and glide round the incoming rockets so you can regenerate your power.

Once you've done this enough times, the battle is over and the game is complete. Enjoy the ending!

Additional reporting by Matthew Reynolds.

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