Yooka-Laylee World 1 boss Rampo strategy - how to find and beat World 1 Triblestack Tropics boss

Tips for defeating your first boss in Yooka-Laylee - Rampo!

After you've expanded the first world in Yooka-Laylee, you'll be able to take on the Tribalstack Tropics boss, otherwise known as Rampo.

Rampo, as you may have guessed, is a boss fight that's focused on manouvering on a ramp. It's tricky, though, with some required mechanics in there that aren't ever fully explained to you before the battle, so with that in mind, here's our guide and tips for defeating Rampo!

If you need more help meanwhile, then consult our Yooka-Laylee guide and walkthrough for finding Pagies and other collectibles.

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Yooka-Laylee Rampo location - where is the World 1 Boss?

First of all, it helps to know just where to find the boss, if you're going to take it on!

Where to find Rampo - Rampo's Castle

Rampo's Castle is the structure to your left as you enter Triblestack Tropics from the hub world. You'll see a ramp up to a ruined temple-like structure there, with some flame-spitting obstacles up the sides.


Once the world's been expanded - for a cost of three Pagies spent back by the Great Tome in the hub world - this structure will extend from the top, with a new wooden bridge over to the world's boss, The Great Rampo.

Climb to the top, watching out for the obstacles and Corplet enemies on the way, and Rampo's ready and waiting for you whenever you want to take him on.

How to defeat Rampo in the Tribalstack Towers - Yooka-Laylee World 1 boss fight

Rampo's battle has three stages, each requiring you to do two things: make your way up a large ramp whilst avoiding the rolling logs, and then knocking out Rampo's teeth whilst dodging the flames.

Rampo boss fight - stage one

The first stage sees logs rolling down the ramp in a zig-zag formation. It's possible to make your way up the ramp by dodging between them - you'll need to roll, of course - but really the entire exercise is easier if you learn a specific trick for scaling the ramp.

What the game doesn't tell you is that it's possible to simply stay in one place on the ramp and hop, whilst in the rolling position. This gives you far greater control than hopping whilst in motion, and is the only way to actually get over the logs, rather than around them.

Once you reach the top of the ramp, you need a perfectly-timed hop to get over the slightly raised ledge onto the platform by Rampo's face. Then, dodge the flames from his mouth by hopping over or around them with a double-jump, and then knock out his two exposed teeth with your spin or jump and spin attacks.


Need more help? Our Yooka-Laylee guide and walkthrough explains how the retro-styled platformer works and how to defeat each boss. If you're after collectables, here's where to find all Mollycool locations, Ghost Writer locations, Play Coin locations, Butterfly Booster locations, Power Extender locations and where to find the secret Pirate Treasure locations. Meanwhile, our complete list of quiz answers will help you outsmart Dr Quack.

Rampo boss fight - stage two

The next stage is more of the same. Again, it's possible to navigate the tumbling logs here by rolling through and around them, but again it's also easier to just hop up over them once you master the trick.

Once you're up the top, it's the same again: hop over or around the flames with a double-jump, then take out all of Rampo's exposed teeth.


Rampo boss fight - stage three

Finally, stage three requires you to hop over the logs, with them rolling down in solid rows impossible to pass by any other means. So, remember to stop still on the ramp, stay in the rolling position, jump and then press forwards to move over them. You'll find it gives you way more control than a standard jump whilst moving.

It's the same once again at the top - jump over or around the fire, knock out the teeth, and now claim your reward.


You'll get a single Pagie for the effort - along with a couple of Quills on the level down behind the fallen Rampo - but as you progress through the worlds every Pagie counts. On to the next!

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