Assassin's Creed Origins - The Aftermath and The Final Weighing

Everything you need to know about stealthing and stabbing your way along the Nile.

The Aftermath and The Final Weighing and are the seventeenth and eighteenth quests you'll encounter in Assassin's Creed Origins, which have you tackle a series of enemies on your way back into Aexander's Tomb, as well as Flavius himself, and follow on from Aya: Blade of the Goddess.

We'll cover everything you need to know about completing The Aftermath and The Final Weighing below, while you can head back to our main Assassin's Creed Origins walkthrough and guide hub for all the other missions so far, and more.

The Aftermath

What have the Romans ever done for us? They've stitched us up and left us out in the cold, but we're not done with revenge yet…

This quest is short and to the point: fight your way back in to Alexander's Tomb, and kill everyone inside.


The Final Weighing

Flavius has gone power crazy now, and he's on the rampage. It's time to put an end to the conspiracy once and for all!

Fight your way through Siwa towards the marker. There's no way to avoid conflict, but if you stay on horseback it's a lot safer. Once you reach the temple go through the main entrance and turn left, then follow the stairs down to the vault for a cutscene that'll make a lot more sense if you've done all the Tombs and/or have played a couple of AC games before.


Carry the body back to the vault, speak to Rabiah and Aya, and then make your way to Kyrenaika. When you reach the farm a cutscene will play, and then you'll have a few soldiers to deal with. Once it's quiet head inside the farmhouse, and then carry the old lady back to the cart.


Final boss time approaches. Head to the Akropolis and climb through the small window on the western wall…

Need more help? Our Assassin's Creed Origins walkthrough and guide will take you through every step of the main story and quests, whilst we also have guides on how to grind XP and level up, plus explainers on how Assassin's Creed Origins sidequests work, alongside how to get crafting materials and animal goods, and even complete solutions and walkthroughs to all Assassin's Creed Origins Tombs, Silica, and Anchient Mechanisms. We also have a list of all Papyrus Puzzle locations, Origins' cursed and legendary weapons and how they're acquired, and finally a detailed page Phylakes, Phylakes' Prey and how to get the Black Hood outfit.

He's a tricky opponent, mostly because he has a habit of teleporting around the room whenever you approach him. The easiest way to do him some damage is to wait for him to come to you, dodge his attack, and then get in a few of your own.


Next Up: Last of the Medjay, Fall of an Empire, Rise of Another and Birth of the Creed

At various points throughout the fight he'll split into several ghostly apparitions that you'll need to kill to get him back - one shot with a bow should be enough to deal with each of them.

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