Doom - Elite Guard locations: Where to find all Praetor Tokens

You can upgrade your armour by spending Praetor Tokens, obtained from the corpses of Elite Guards - here's where to find every one.

Just like the weapon mods, there are some very useful upgrades available for your suit of UAC Marine armour. You'll need to gather Praetor Tokens to unlock these, and the only way to get these is from the usually fairly well-hidden bodies of Elite Guards. There are 36 of these, and their secret locations are listed below. Treat these fallen heroes with respect! Or rob their corpses, up to you.

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Doom - Elite Guard locations: Where to find all Praetor Tokens

Level 1: The UAC

  • After opening the blue door and defeating the first group of enemies below, take the upper path and the Elite is leaning against the wall at the other end.

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Level 2: Resource Operations

  • After collecting the yellow keycard, return to the security station (just before the area that had the gore nest), open the door, and use the terminal. A hatchway in the corridor between here and the gore nest is now unlocked - drop down inside to find the guard.
  • After unlocking the doors in the security station, head back to where you collected the yellow card (via the lift in the gore nest room). The door on the right is now open, so head through it and turn left. In the corner of the room is a vent to crawl through which will drop you into a locked room near the original yellow security door, and the guard is leaning against the far side of the right-hand forklift.
  • Once you've opened the doors in the VEGA security room, head into the next room and turn left. Head along the corridor and climb up to find the guard in a small room at the end.

Level 3: Foundry

  • From the field drone, head into the corridor and through the door. Turn right and right again to find a collapsed bridge. Drop down to the walkway below, climb up the far side, and the guard is in the room at the end.
  • Just past the end of the conveyor belt in the yellow door area there are some crates stacked in a darkened alcove. Climb up them to find a hidden area containing the guard.
  • You can't really miss this one. After the fight in the area with the two giant cooling fans, head through the big door towards the end of the level and he's right in front of you.

Level 4: Argent Facility

  • In the arena area near the cargo room, there's a small ledge tucked in the wall to the right of the blue barrier (looking at it from the cargo room), and the guard is inside.
  • When heading from the cargo area to the cooling facility, drop off the edge to your right and follow the lower rocky path down until you find a walkway. Head to the far end to find the guard.
  • After defeating the outdoor gore nest just before destroying the third Argent filter, face the semicircular structure in the arena and head for the edge of the ground to its right, then take a running jump. You should grab the ledge above, and the guard is at the end on the left.
  • The final guard is located after the second exterior gore nest fight - as you enter the final area of the level he'll be on your left tucked behind some crates.

Level 5: Argent Energy Tower

  • After the cutscene plays when you make it across the bridge, turn right and drop down to a platform below to find the guard.
  • When you reach the lower level of the curved passageway (the platform just above the lower rails) check the short dead end in the opposite direction you want to go in.
  • When you reach the upper level of the tower (after the ride up on the circular things that spit out red lightning) you'll come across another rotating battery track that you need to use to get to a higher level, which is followed by a few jumps up a narrow shaft. Check behind the central pillar at the top of the shaft for the last guard.

Level 6: Kadingir Sanctum

  • After opening the yellow door, the guard is ahead to the right.
  • After opening the blue door, follow the path around and carry on past the objective marker. When you reach the end turn right and you can jump across to the "island" opposite. Follow the path and the guard is at the top.
  • After opening the blue door and then the large door, you'll end up in an arena with pools of blood in the area below. Once it's clear, head up the steps opposite where you entered and head for the far right area of the upper level. You should be able to see a yellow launchpad just across the gap - double-jump past it and the guard is at the far end.
  • Towards the end of the level you'll jump across a gap where some Imps and Unwilling are fighting amongst themselves. Head right and the guard is on the left side of the area.

Level 7: Argent Facility (Destroyed)

  • When you drop down through the hole in the roof of the walkway after the first platforming section, look behind you to find the guard.
  • After a fight in the lower area just below the security station, there's a rune on a rocky ledge to the left of the station doors above. Jump on the nearby crates to reach the platform, then head to the far edge and stand directly opposite the two large vertical pipes. Turn around so your back is to the edge and step off, and then double-jump and press forwards as soon as you see the platform below. The guard is in the right end of the pipe ahead.
  • After opening the airlock in the security station to track down the yellow key, you'll be faced with a small arena fight. When it's over, use a jump pad to reach the upper area in the middle to locate the guard.
  • After collecting the yellow key you drop down an elevator shaft. Jump up to the small opening and the guard is in the vent tunnel.

Level 8: Advanced Research Complex

  • Head into the women's toilets just before the first objective marker, climb onto the sinks, and jump up to the hatch in the ceiling. Follow the passageway to find the guard in the room below.
  • Take a left at the T-junction after exiting the service elevator and he's propped up against some crates to the left of the room at the end.
  • When you emerge from the vent shafts outside the BFG Labs door, turn left and the guard is in a small room through the door.

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Level 9: Lazarus Labs

  • After the fight in the container room you'll head into a vent lit by a red glow. After climbing the first ledge, turn around and jump into the shaft opposite. Knock out the grating at the end to find the guard.
  • After an arena fight in a medbay with lots of demons in stasis pods, open the large doors between the two exits to find the guard.
  • In the pit in the circular room after activating the Helix Stone.
  • Once you've activated the Energy Refractor and headed through the doors, turn right and into a small room. To the left of the entrance there's a gap in the wall you can climb through, and the guard is in a room below.

Level 10: Titan's Realm

  • When you enter a room with a couple of Cacodemons and some Lost Souls in, clear it out then jump to one of the square platforms either side of the bridge. Drop down to safe ground and hit the skull switch under the first bridge section, then run to the far right of the room to find the guard in a hidden cave - try and avoid standing on the green patches, as they hurt!
  • After collecting the yellow skull and dropping down into the area filled with slime, head left and the guard is on the far wall in the next room, just off to the right.

Level 11: The Necropolis

  • After using the blue skull and dropping down the holes, jump across the floating stone walkway sections until you reach the tunnel and the guard is on your right near the entrance.
  • To the left of the doorway in the small area where you fight off two Barons of Hell, a handful of Cyber-Mancubi, and some Spectres.

Level 12: Vega Central Processing

  • Tucked amongst some debris in an alcove to the right after passing through the first airlock.
  • Directly ahead as you enter the storage room in Sector P Access.
  • After clearing out the tram station, walk onto the cargo lift then do a quick 180 and jump off the back onto the platform below to find the guard tucked underneath. (Use the elevator to get back up and return to the cargo lift.)

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