Welcome to Metal Gear Solid 5 - Red Brass, the seventh main story mission of the game, following on from Where Do The Bees Sleep.

Red Brass Mission checklist:

  • Eliminated the commander of the company stationed at Wialo Village
  • Eliminated the commander of the platoon stationed at Shago Village
  • Eliminated the commander of the platoon stationed at Wakh Sind Barracks
  • Extracted the commander and the soldiers riding in his vehicle (4 total)
  • Extracted the 3 commanders
  • Listened to the end of the 3 commanders' conversation
  • Extracted 2 prisoners being held at Ghwandai Town

Once you're back in the air and ready for more excitement, select 7-Red Brass from your mission menu then highlight the Landing Zone directly south of Da Wialo Kallai. Next, prepare your load-out as required, set the Drop Time to 0600 and commence the mission.

Your new objective is to take down three Soviet commanders holding an emergency meeting at Wialo Village. As soon as you enter the field, Ocelot updates your iDroid to show the final rendezvous point of the three commanders (highlighted by the yellow objective marker). One commander begins the mission at the rendezvous point, while the other two slowly make their way across the map toward their destination.

Red Brass: Scout out Wialo Village for hostiles

When you're ready to begin, mount your horse and gallop toward the yellow objective marker. There's a high rocky outcrop overlooking Wialo Village just to its south, so head on up and use your binoculars to scan the area. Pay particular attention to the rooftops in the centre of the village - two soldiers are stationed here and their high vantage points can make infiltration difficult.

It won't be long before the two visiting commanders reach their destination - both arriving in jeeps and escorted by several soldiers. You'll find it easier to proceed if you deal with the rooftop guards first - so quickly descend the hill and carefully approach the village.

Begin by eliminating the guard on the rooftop closest to your current position - you can access the roof of the building via the ladder below. Once he's down, immediately duck behind the signage on the roof to shield yourself from the gaze of the second guard on the distant building. Next, quickly make your way up onto the second rooftop and deal with lookout number two.

As soon you hear the first commander's jeep approach from the north-east, find a position that gives you a clear view of its passengers. Bring up your binoculars and scan the commander (the soldier wearing a red beret) to mark your first target. The second truck arrives a short while later from the south-east. Once again, find a safe position and scan the passengers as it drives past. Two of the three commanders should now be marked on your map.

Approach the rendezvous point

Shortly after, the two commanders will join the third inside a small building to the north of the village. Unfortunately, their entourage immediately fans out and take up positions around the area. You'll need to deal with the guards swiftly and silently in order to reach your three targets before the meeting ends and they go their separate ways.

Thankfully, once the rooftop guards are out of the picture, it's pretty easy to deal with the remaining hostiles. Start by eliminating the guards furthest away from the meeting point (situated to the west), then make your way through the troops guarding the main building.

You'll find that your tranquilliser gun is invaluable here - but you'll need to move fast. Quickly slip from one group of enemies to the next, bringing each down before they're able to alert their colleagues to your position. If you're lucky, you might encounter a sandstorm as you proceed - be sure to use the reduced visibility to your advantage.

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Eliminate the three Soviet commanders

Once the surrounding area is free of enemy forces, it's time to take down the three commanders stationed inside the small building. It's entirely possible to go in guns-a-blazing and slaughter them all in one swoop. However, your targets are much more valuable if you can knock them out and Fulton them back to base.

It's easiest to do this by standing outside the building and rapping on the walls to lure them out one by one, putting a tranquilliser shot in their head as they emerge through the doorway. Alternatively, if you think you're aiming skills are up to it, you can dash in and tranquillise them all before they have time to react to your presence.

Note that one of the mission's sub-quests demands that you wait and listen to the end of the commanders' meeting before eliminating them - so you'll need to sit tight for a while if you're planning to complete that one.

Once all three commanders are down, carry them outside and Fulton them off into the sunset. Next, summon your horse and ride out of the village to safety. As soon as you're clear of the hot zone, the mission will come to an end.

You'll receive the [Front: Octopus] and [Front: Sword] emblem parts for your troubles. Ocelot will also establish a Medical Team back at base, which could come in handy later on. When the debriefing is over, request a chopper pick-up and return to the air.

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