Welcome to Metal Gear Solid 5 - C2W, the fourth main story mission of the game, following on from A Hero's Way.

C2W Mission checklist:

  • Identified the comms equipment at the Eastern Communications Post
  • Destroyed the comms equipment at the Eastern Communications Post
  • Secured the Rough Diamonds hidden near the Eastern Communications Post
  • Destroyed the transmitter at the Eastern Communications Post
  • Extracted 2 prisoners being held at Wialo Village
  • Extracted the materials container from the Eastern Communication Post

C2W: Identify the comms equipment at the Eastern Communications Post

Select the C2W mission and choose the landing zone just north of Spugmay Keep. Commence the mission and set the Drop Time as 0600 to begin deployment. This time around, you need to destroy the Soviet's comms equipment at the Eastern Communications Post.

Once you touch down, you'll immediately be alerted to a wild dog pup nearby. This little fella could come in handy, so approach it and Fulton the creature into the stratosphere. Aww.

Approach the Eastern Communications Post

Next, mount your steed and begin the journey to the Eastern Communications Post, using the main road running to the north-east. As you near the Soviet guard post a little way on, hop up to the ledge and scan the area with your Binoculars. As usual, mark any soldiers (there shouldn't be too many around) and then begin taking them out to proceed unhindered.

Before moving on, you should ensure that you're carrying some C4 - it's pretty vital for the next part of the mission. First, ensure that you've successfully researched the item in your Mother Base/Development menu, then have a supply of C4 airdropped in. Finally, collect it from its landing spot.

When you're ready, continue on toward the Eastern Communications Post, watching out for enemy patrols along your path. As you round the bend and close in on your destination, you'll encounter a small guard post. Once it's in your sights, leave the main road and take the higher ground to the left - there are too many guards overlooking the area to make it a viable route of approach.

When you're off the main road, you'll spot a rocky outcrop that runs all the way along its south side, heading directly toward the communications facility. Drop to prone position and follow it along until both the guard post and much larger main facility are in your sights.

Locate and destroy the comms equipment

Next, begin scanning the entire area with your Binoculars, marking patrolling hostiles and identifying the comms equipment that you need to destroy in order to complete the mission. You're looking for the large, satellite-dish-like Transceiver Antennas - there are three in total (two on top of building at the highest point of the hillside and another slightly below). Note that you may have to move further into the complex to spot the dish furthest to the north-west.

There's also a chance that you might encounter a sandstorm as you proceed. These effectively make you and your enemies deaf and blind so you'll need to move carefully. If you're having trouble progressing, you can always wait until the storm subsides.

Once you've scanned all points of interest, you're free to begin infiltrating the Communications Post. Continue moving along the hillside toward the main facility, sticking close to the rocks on your left-hand side. Pass behind the sandbags, keeping low, and carefully work your way to the highest building on the hillside - there's a dish on its roof.

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Use your C4 to destroy the equipment

Climb the ladder to reach the top of the building then plant some C4 on the dish. Return to the ground then begin making your way north-west toward the building holding the second antenna. When you arrive, grab the Fuel Resources, Minor Metal and Rough Diamonds under the awning then make your way around the back of the structure. Clamber up the ledges to reach the roof then plant more C4 on the satellite dish.

Finally, work your way down the hillside toward the comm dish in the centre of the area. Again, avoid or neutralise any soldiers on patrol in the area then, once you reach the target building, climb the box against the brick wall to gain access to the roof. Plant your third and final C4 explosive then quickly evacuate the hot zone, heading back along the road to the south. Find your horse then detonate the three C4 bombs.

Escape and avoid the enemy airstrike

As soon as the comms dishes are destroyed, the enemy will attempt to launch an airstrike to bring you down. This is your cue to hop onto your trusty steed and hightail it out of the area as quickly as possible. Once you're well away from prying enemy eyes, the mission will come a close, granting you the At Mother Base [2] and What Happened to the Old Mother Base Members cassette tapes, plus the Base Development Unit, enabling you to build more platforms and expand your HQ.

With Mission 4 out of the way, Ocelot suggests that you return to Mother Base - which you'll do automatically. Once you touch down, you'll meet the tiny pup you extracted from the field earlier in the game. Say hello to DD - a true Diamond Dog!

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