Welcome to Metal Gear Solid 5 - Code Talker, the 28th main story mission of the game, following on from Root Cause.

Mission checklist:

  • Made contact with Code Talker
  • Extracted Code Talker
  • Extracted Code Talker without him taking damage
  • Eliminated the Skulls
  • Extracted the Skulls
  • Extracted the armoured vehicle sealing off Lufwa Valley

When you're ready to get back out in the field, open your mission list and choose 28-Code Talker. There's only one Landing Zone here, so select it and enter the Sortie Prep screen. You'll encounter a ton of snipers in this next mission, so things will be a whole lot easier if you pack a sniper rifle (we'll be using the RENOV-ICKX SR). You should also choose Quiet as your buddy. Finally, set the Drop Time as 0600 and commence the operation.

Note that you might prefer to bring a non-lethal, tranquilliser-based sniper rifle on this mission, enabling you to Fulton the snipers you encounter back to Mother Base (which completes a secret objective). If you do this, however, make sure that Quiet is also equipped with a non-lethal sniper rifle to prevent her from killing the hostiles.

Your objective this time around is to locate and extract a target known as Code Talker. Intel suggests that the old man can reveal more about the pathogen plaguing Mother Base. Unfortunately, you'll meet heavy resistance as you attempt to infiltrate Code Talker's mansion hideout. Needless to say, it's going to be a tough one.

Skulls sniper boss fight

Once you land, immediately head over to the sheer rock wall on your left and begin following it (loosely) toward the yellow objective marker in the north-east. Keep close to your left and carefully navigate the various hills and ledges that you encounter. Following this route will ensure that you remain on higher ground - something that will soon prove essential.

Eventually, as you close in on the objective marker, a cutscene will trigger and four deadly snipers will appear on the hillside to the north-east. It's vital that you deal with these enemies before continuing, so you'll need to remain patient during this sometimes fussy fight.

Much like Quiet, the four snipers you face are able to teleport around the area. Luckily, however, they'll mostly remain positioned on the hill directly ahead. Very occasionally, they'll zip over to your position for a spot of fisticuffs - but it's generally nothing to worry about.

Immediately after the cutscene ends, drop prone and take cover behind the low rocks in the area. Your first task is to locate your targets through the thick mist - something that's thankfully easier to do than it sounds. Simply find one of your opponents' targeting lasers (they're more than likely aimed straight at you) then follow it back to its point of origin.

Next, break out your binoculars and zoom in close to mark your target. Once your opponent has been successfully tagged, whip out your sniper rifle and fire a shot straight at their head.

It will likely take several shots to bring one sniper down - and, regrettably, you'll need to retag each one after a successful hit. However, Quiet will offer plenty of assistance so, despite the battle's potentially protracted nature, victory will eventually be yours.

Navigate the jungle and infiltrate Code Talker's mansion

Once the route ahead is clear, start moving north-east up the now sniper-free hill and through the thick, jungle-like foliage. Continue north-east until you reach the narrow path on the right, at the end of the long track. Wind your way up and around the rocks until you reach the waterfall.

Locate the long wooden bridge nearby and make your way to the other side. Continue north-east up the hill and stop once you reach the second bridge. Code Talker's mansion lies directly ahead, but it's heavily-guarded. The bridge leading toward the mansion is a little too exposed for our purposes, so ignore it and take the left-hand path, climbing the incline to the north.

Once you hit the sheer rock wall ahead, keep it to your left and follow it along to the north-east. Near the top of the slope, you'll spot a large flat rock looking out onto the mansion. Hop on up, lie prone and use your binoculars to scan the building for hostiles. A large number of enemies patrol the mansion's various walkways so be thorough with your recon.

When you're ready to continue, head down the slope to the north-east and scale the rocks immediately to the north, pulling yourself up from ledge to ledge until the ground levels out again. Lie prone and start moving through the tall grass, travelling north-east. Carefully make your way around to the north-east-facing side (AKA the front) of the mansion and begin moving south-east.

Note that you'll immediately see the mansion's front door on your right, at the end of a long, covered entrance way. If you want to keep things brief, head through the front door (dealing with any hostiles you encounter in the foyer) then take a left into the dingy passage. You're now free to skip all the way down to the section marked 'Rescue Code Talker' below. We, however, will be doing a tour of the mansion first to collect some treats.

Explore the mansion for goodies

If you're looking for goodies, continue south-east. Cross the covered entrance way then climb the hill ahead. Once you hit the high rock ledge, take a right and follow the wall along until you reach the slope at the end, directly against the house. Take a left, travelling south-east, and start working your way around the side of the building in a clockwise direction.

When you reach the long, south-east-facing wall, scramble up the rock to access the walkway above. Climb the steps ahead then take a left, following the passage to the end, Next, turn right and locate the blue door immediately on your right-hand side.

Head inside the mansion and take a left. Check for enemies in the area then leap over the railing. When you land on the floor below, grab the nearby resources (and the poster on the wall) then move north-west into the next room. You'll know you're in the right place when you hear The Cure's Friday I'm in Love blasting out from the stereo. Grab the cassette tape to add to your collection, then swipe any additional resources that take your fancy.

When you're ready to continue, descend the steps on the north-western side of the room. At the bottom, take a left and proceed to the end of the long corridor. Head through the door on the left then immediately take a right and grab the blueprints from the bookcase. There's also a glamour poster on the wall to the right.

Next, jump over the railing and pass through the blue door to the north-west. Take a right along the corridor then, at the end, take a left and descend the staircase into the entrance foyer, swiping the soldier poster on the left-hand wall.

At the bottom of the steps, note the front door immediately to your left. This takes you back outside - and you'll be extremely thankful for it shortly. Finally, locate the doorway on the south-eastern wall and enter the dingy corridor beyond.

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Code Talker location

Make a right and head through the doorway at the end corridor. Follow the passage along, continuing down the steps, until you reach the cellar at the bottom. From here, walk to the end of the room, take a left, then another left and unlock the doorway ahead. Step on through and prepare for a lengthy (but fruitful) conversation with the mysterious Code Talker.

When the cutscene is over, you'll have one last task to complete: carry Code Talker out of the building and away from the Hot Zone. Begin by retracing your steps all the way up to the mansion's entrance foyer. As soon as you arrive you'll be attacked by Skull-controlled zombie soldiers - quickly make a run for it, passing through the front door.

Back outside, immediately taking a left and charge north-west through the mist, dodging passed the shambling hostiles. Follow the dirt track straight up the hill and continue along the track. Cross over the stone bridge and, when you're safely on the other side, open your iDroid.

Summon a chopper for pick-up at the closest Landing Zone, sprint on over, then get yourself and your target onboard. Once you're safely back in the air, the mission is complete - you'll earn the Risk Security Inc emblem part as your reward.

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