Welcome to Metal Gear Solid 5 - Aim True, Ye Vengeful, the 25th main story mission of the game, following on from Close Contact.

Aim True, Ye Vengeful Mission checklist:

  • Extracted the militants' XO
  • Extracted the child soldiers' commander
  • Extracted the prisoner who escaped from Munoko ya Nioka Station, NE Guard Post
  • Extracted 12 child soldiers
  • Used a vehicle to extract the child soldiers' commander and the militants' XO simultaneously
  • Picked a digitalis (purpurea) at Munoko ya Nioka Station, NE Guard Post

With all the excitement back at base a distant memory, pull up your mission list and select 25-Aim True, Ye Vengeful. Once again, there's no choice when it comes to Landing Zone, so set your target then enter the Prep Sortie screen. From here, choose D-Horse as your buddy (you'll find him invaluable toward the end of the mission) and be sure to pack non-lethal, tranquilliser weapons. Finally, set your Drop Time to 0600, then go!

This time around, you're off in search of a group of child soldiers who've broken away from the Mbele rebels, kidnapping their Executive Officer (XO) in the process. To complete the mission, you'll need to extract the XO, plus the commander of the child soldiers - both of whom are located somewhere in an abandoned village near the Landing Zone.

Aim True, Ye Vengeful: Infiltrate the abandoned village

Once you touch down, mount D-Horse and begin moving south-west. When you reach the main road, follow it south, heading in the general direction of the yellow objective marker. As soon as the village comes into view, slow to a trot. Shortly, Ocelot will mark an area on your map (up a hill to the south-east) that makes for a fantastic recon location. Work your way up to the rocky outcrop, break out your binoculars the scan the area for hostiles.

Next, look directly west and locate the lone green tent immediately to the side of the road. The child commander (wearing a red beret) should be stood outside. Scan him to add him to your HUD then look for the yellow building a little further to the west, a short way behind the green tent. Just in front of the yellow building, and slightly to the left, is a small covered area - the XO can be found tied up on the ground here.

Your next task, then, is to extract both targets. There are a few things to note before you get moving, however. First, remember that you can only use non-lethal weapons on the child soldiers - if one is killed, the mission will instantly fail. Secondly, more groups of soldiers will enter the camp throughout the operation; the longer you dither around, the harder things will be.

Locate and secure the child commander and XO

When you're ready to begin, slip down the hill and cautiously move west in the direction of the lone green tent you noted earlier. Swing around to the tent's north-west-facing side (opposite to where the child commander is stationed) and press yourself against the canvas next to the open doorway.

Rap on the wall to attract the commander's attention and wait for him to come and investigate. Once he's away from the other soldiers, hit him with a tranquilliser bullet. When he's down, hoist him onto your shoulders and whistle for D-Horse. As soon as your trusty steed approaches, strap the commander into the saddle.

Next, still behind the tent, look south-west and locate the yellow building you saw earlier. Deal with any guards stationed outside then dash over to the covered area housing the adult prisoner. Pick him up then about-face and begin moving north-east as quickly as you can. Keep an eye out for hostiles entering the area.

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Extract the child commander and XO

Once you're a safe distance from the village, summon a chopper and select the Landing Zone to the north-east, where you began the mission. Next, whistle for D-Horse and he'll arrive still carrying the child commander. All that's left to do now is race to the rendezvous point. When you reach your destination, sling the adult prisoner onboard, hoist the boy commander off D-Horse and pop him inside too. Next, leap into the chopper and bring the mission to a close.

After the debrief, you'll be notified that a Quarantine Platform has been constructed back at HQ. You'll also be warned that something strange is occurring, with multiple cases of Mother Base staff falling ill. It seems that a weaponised pathogen is on the loose - so, from now on, you'll need to keep a close eye on staff members, quarantining any that you suspect of being sick.

Once you're back in the air, you'll be taught how to reassign staff from your various development platforms to the new Quarantine Facility. Correctly isolating infected staff will dramatically reduce the chances of your other team members becoming ill. Note that, for now, you won't be able to send your Combat Team out into the field.

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