XCOM 2 Fatigue system - How to deal with tired soldiers

What you need to know about the new fatigue system.

XCOM 2 Fatigue system is one of many additions added in expansion War of the Chosen, introducing a new way for soldiers to suffer as a result of combat. Hurray!

As the name of the system suggests, you now get tired soldiers who must be rested and rotated appropriately, and learning the quirks of the system will ensure everyone remains in tip-top shape.

If you need more help, our XCOM 2 War of the Chosen guide provides a breakdown on how else you can tackle the huge expansion.

How the XCOM 2 Fatigue system works and why you shouldn't ignore it

Fatigue levels are measured by how tired your troops are as a result of repeated drafting for missions. It's possible, due to the nature of war, for a soldier's mental fortitude to waver even if they repeatedly return from combat unscathed.

Seeing squadmates injured and facing alien aggressors takes its toll.

As such, soldiers may become tired after returning from a mission. This fatigue differs to XCOM 2's conventional physical wound system because tired soldiers can still be selected for battle.


Why the Fatigue system shouldn't be ignored

Being unwilling (or unable) to let them recuperate will take its toll on their mental state and so tired soldiers are much more likely to be adversely affected in battle by negative conditions such as being panicked or obsessed.

Negative traits are, as you'd expect, a big problem. These range from having a fear of a certain enemy type - Vipers, Robotic enemies, or even the Chosen themselves, for example - to having a fear of fire, through to more esoteric concerns such as being obsessed with having a full clip of ammo.

This typically leads to them:

  • Refusing to respond to your own commands
  • Doing their own things for a couple of turns (refusing to move or shoot, using an action such as reloading their weapon) to emptying their entire clip in the direction of the enemy or - worse still - taking panicked pot-shots at their own squadmates.

Further failing to rest these fragile souls will lead to them potentially developing longer-term negative traits that require treatment, or suffering reduced will and becoming shaken for a couple of weeks.

If you need more help with XCOM 2's expansion, our XCOM 2: War of the Chosen guide and tips can explain everything you need to know, from how to beat The Chosen Assassin, Warlock and Hunter and the new The Lost, Spectre and Advent units. Combat them by learning about each new faction with our Reaper abilities and skill tree, Skirmisher abilities and skill tree and Templar abilities and skill tree pages, as well as learning about the new Challenge Mode, Resistance Ring, Ability Points, Fatigue and Bonds systems. Good luck, Commander!

How to avoid getting tired soldiers in XCOM 2

Negative traits from Fatigue can be combated by treating the soldier in the new Infirmary room. They'll be out for several days while they receive treatment, but they will return with any and all negative traits removed.

Of course, the best way to treat negative traits is to avoid picking them up in the first place and the best way to do that is to allow your soldiers to rest and not take them out on missions when they are tired. You can see a soldier's tiredness/fatigue level as the green-yellow-red bar below their health, so be sure to pay attention to it and the post-mission information you're given.

As is ever the case with XCOM, ensure you have a healthy squad rotation to fight against fatigue and keep your soldiers in tiptop physical and mental condition.

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