PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has posted preview images of its new desert map and there's one key addition that has fans excited - a bike.

Posting on the official Twitter page, developer PlayerUnknown revealed the new map the team has been working on. As lovely as the new desert environment looks, everyone's noticed something very important: there's a bike, which suggests bicycles will come as a transport option with the new map. Hell yea!

The addition of a bike to the game is important because it would provide a stealthier option for moving through the map at a fast pace. Currently there are variations of cars and motorbikes but the problem is they are loud so other players can hear you coming from a mile off and easily ambush you.


An extra kicker is Day Z players have been asking for bicycles to be included for years now, and there's even a Twitter account dedicated to the cause. There's been a running rivalry between fellow Early Access survival games PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Day Z since Battleground's phenomenally successful release in March.

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