Pokémon Sun and Moon - Route 15, 16, Zygarde Lab, Ula'Ula Meadow, Route 17

Our complete walkthrough for every step of your latest Pokémon journey.

Having conquered Route 14 and Acerola's Trial, your next step is to revisit Aether House on Route 15.

Things are beginning to pick up pace now, as from there it's on to the rest of Route 15, where you'll earn the Ride Sharpedo, and beyond to Route 16, Zygarde Lab, Ula'Ula Meadow and Route 17.

Route 15, return to Aether House, Ride Sharpedo

Your first stop is Aether House again, as Hau, it turns out, has had some real trouble defending the kids there from a group of Team Skull who have attacked. Their leader, Plumeria, takes you on in a battle - when you defeat her she'll insist you head to their base of operations, Po Town, alone. The Grunts have already made it away with the Aether House children's Yungoos, so it looks like you've no choice but to make your way there!

You'll need to talk to a chap nearby on Route 15 first, as the rest of the route is closed off - the only access being by sea, through some suspiciously smashable-looking rocks. Find the strange man in the kimono, Grimsley, standing by the beach, and answer his question correctly - "Neither" - and he'll update your Pager with the Ride Pokémon Sharpedo, which can smash through water-based rocks like a surfing Tauros.

Continue on with your exploration of the new-accessible water segment of Route 15, until you hit the shores of Route 16, above.

ItemWhere to find
Hyper Potion Top of grass section above Ace Trainer Yuki
Zygarde Cell On bottom right side of beach
TM93 Wild Charge On weird concrete square area of small island with ace trainer on
Dive Ball On beach with Swimmers Yumi and Jake
Normal Gem (Hidden) Right at the very top of the top beach, on the sand
Pearl (Hidden) Halfway along the top beach, in the rocky wall along the top of it
PP Max From Trial Guide after defeating her and all other trainers
Ace Trainer Yuki Alolan Sandshrew
Alolan Marowak
Swimmer Jared Tentacruel Lvl.33
Ace Trainer Carla Alolan Vulpix
Swimmers Yumi and Jake Golduck

Route 16 - Zygarde Lab

A short, seaside route following on from 15, Route 16's most interesting point is the Zygarde Lab. There, you can talk to Dexio and Sina, and convert your accumulated Zygarde Cells and Cores into one of Zygarde's various forms. The percentage of cells you have dictates the percentage form it'll take.

Otherwise, there's a Pokémon Center here, providing you with some welcome respite with a tough journey ahead, and there's also a couple of rare items, like TM81 - which requires you to find a little spot to crawl through, under the Zygarde Lab, to get to it.

ItemWhere to find
PP Up Right of Scientist Reid, on open land
TM81 X-Scissor Crawling under the Zygarde Lab where there's a muddy spot at the back
Aspear x2, Pecha Berry Berry tree by PMC
Scientist Reid Charjabug

Ula'Ula Meadow

Ula'Ula Meadow is a strange, mirky path through the westernmost side of the island. East of the route lies the Lake of the Moone (for Sun players) or Lake of the Sunne (for Moon players), which at the moment has little to offer you. Head onwards to the north, although you should definitely wander off from the central path where possible, as there are some interesting items to pick up as you go.

ItemWhere to find
Zygarde CellAlong planked path on right soon after entering
Red NectarYellow sparkles coming up from grass by dancer Mireille
Repeat BallRight of dancer Mireille
X Special DefenseUp the muddy track to the left of the route, past Lass Rylee, behind long grass
Red NectarYellow sparks in red flowers behind Lass Rylee
Adrenaline OrbJust past Red Nectar in clear patch on left
Zyarde CellTop right of route, along mud track, just through long grass right at end of planked path
Dancer MireilleOricorioLvl.34
Office Worker MichelleTorcoal
Lass RyleeSneasel

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Route 17 - Team Skull and Officer Nanu

Route 17 is a long, two-part route heading north towards the Team Skull base of Po Town. On the left side, you'll find a relatively run-of-the-mill grassy way through, albeit littered with Team Skull Grunts.

To the right however, is a rocky, uphill path with some split, one-way ledge jumps taking you back down. You'll need to do a couple trips up and down taht hill to collect all of the items and experience everything there, but given the usefulness of TMs like Poson Jab, it's worth the extra trip to do it.

ItemWhere to find
Zygarde Core Back of police station in front of hanging clothes
Lemonade Taking the right-most route up through muddy tracks, on your left by a patch of long brown grass
Full Heal At very top of muddy path route on right of route, behind skull grunt and some long brown grass
Zygarde Cell Jumping down first ledge to the right hand side, not left, from top right point of route
TM84 Poison Jab Sticking to the far left hand side of the ledge jumps from the top right of the route, through some long brown grass
Ganlon, Pecha, Sitrus, Rawst Berries Berry Tree, far top right near Skull HQ
Skull Grunt Golbat Lvl.34
Skull Grunt Mareanie
Skull Grunt Salandit Lvl.33
Skull Grunt Alolan Rattata
Alolan Raticate
Skull Grunt and Skull Grunt Drowzee

Up at the northenmost end of the route, you'll find a huge wall surrounding what must be Po Town on the other side. After defeating the Grunts guarding it, a strange, rather grumpy man turns up. Dressed in some haggard old Police Officer clothes, he offers some sparce advice and kindly notes that if you don't make it, at least your remains will get back home. Lovely!

Next up, it's time to tackle the Team Skull base itself in Po Town!

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