Destiny Warpriest Challenge, Golgoroth Challenge and Oryx Challenges make their return as part of the revamped King's Fall 390 Raid introduced as part of the Age of Triumph event.

These Challenges task players to complete boss encounters in a specific way for bonus rewards. Apart from a new loot table for the Adept Exotic weapons, the 390 version of King's Fall is otherwise untouched.

Remember each Challenge is only active when the Raid is part of the Weekly Featured Raid playlist. Each completed Challenge will reward you with a new Emblem, an Age of Triumph Ornament and an Adept Exotic weapon.

For help with any part of the raid, see our King's Fall guide. And if you're interested in other additions or changes in Destiny's final update, consult our Age of Triumph event and Record Book page.

Warpriest Challenge

What makes this different to the regular encounter is you cannot have the same person hold the aura more than once. It requires a little more teamwork and planning than usual to make sure your party rotates roles, but with the right preparation it's very doable.

Here is Gamer Network's Arekkz with a video of how to complete the challenge:

Golgoroth Challenge

Here, all six players must capture his Gaze at the end of each round. There are a few ways of doing this, but it's best to line up three players on each side of the arena, and when the phase starts, one side at a time shoot him so the Gaze goes from one side of the room to the next.

Also be aware that every round one player can be 'marked' with an on-screen countdown that, once at zero, will see them explode, injuring everyone around them (but not themselves). The marked players simply need to run away from the rest of the team to make sure they don't injure them.

Oryx Challenge

The final Challenge is the most difficult, and has you detonating at least 16 bombs at once. This means that every round, make sure nothing or no one triggers the bombs in the corners. If they do, you can do a fifth round to make sure you have that amount.

Players will also have to encounter Shade of Oryx at the end of each round, instead of running around the arena to avoid raining bombs, making the whole encounter much more difficult. Ensure the players outside are shooting enemies before they enter the Shade area, and when inside, to keep waiting Shade of Oryx at all times and jumping out of the way upon attacking.

At the end of the fourth round, assuming all 16 bombs are left (if not, do more rounds) then detonate them all at once. Now have everyone run back to the centre and shoot Oryx's chest to ensure you finish him off for good, otherwise you'll have to do the whole thing over again!

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