Oryx is the final boss of the King's Fall Raid, taking place in the same arena as Daughters of Oryx.

This final fight is simple on paper, but in practice - not so much. Good luck Guardians!

If you're running King's Fall as part of the Weekly Featured Raids playlist, then you can also take part in the Oryx Challenge for additional rewards.

Killing Oryx in the King's Fall raid

First of all, it's wise to keep the same four-man team responsible for the activation plates as before. The plates serve a similar purpose to the Deathsingers encounter, and are activated in a counter-clockwise sequence. Some good news here is that it is fine to designate your best runner for the task of retrieving a Spark. Whoever seemed best at ascending the platforms for the Deathsingers' Spark is likely your guy this time around too.

How to make use of the Aura of Immortality

The new Spark blesses the runner with an Aura of Immortality, allowing them to slay an Emblem Knight - aka The Vessel - that protects the entire fireteam against taking damage. Your remaining two players should focus on clearing the floor of Light Eater Ogres that explode as Corrupted Light Bombs when detonated later by members of the team who are under the protection of the Aura of Immortality. These spawn beside each plate, in the order that they are activated and they must be taken down fast.

Shortly after the encounter begins, Oryx slams one of the activation plates, causing whoever jumps onto it to become Torn Between Dimensions. The runner should begin ascending the platforms in a counter-clockwise direction, while the remaining players step onto their plates in the same sequence. As with the Deathsingers, ensure you clearly communicate that your plate is lit before the next guy makes a move.

(Note that, while standing on the plates, it's best for the player to assist the floor duo who are killing the Light Ogres.)

If all goes well, the runner will grab the Spark and descend to kill The Vessel. With the fireteam under the Aura of Immortality it's time to direct fire at Oryx whose chest is now exposed. High impact sniper rifles aimed at the small black sphere help to stagger Oryx, before he can thunder-clap and wipe out the entire team.

The best position to shoot Oryx from is between the pillars that once belonged to the Deathsingers, as it's easiest to assemble here. The emphasis, however, should be on using ranged weapons that cause maximum damage. Some teams prefer to stand much closer to the Taken King to achieve their results.

Staggering Oryx buys four guys time to leave the Aura and detonate the Corrupted Light Bombs, while being sure to return to the safety of the Aura before the explosions occur. Meanwhile, the runner and his wingman should continue piling damage into Oryx.

After Oryx is wounded he returns to summon Light Bombs that chase each player. The best way to avoid these is to run and jump in the same way you've done countless times before when dealing with exploded Shriekers. Have the team spread out so that nobody crosses paths, and causes a complete disaster!

Upon getting bored of all this larking about, Oryx then returns to repeat his original plan of slamming the activation plates, choosing one at random. Therefore you should respond in the same manner as before - the runner heads for the Spark, the activation plates are lit, you kill the Light Ogres and The Vessel, keep hurting Oryx, then detonate the Corrupted Light Bombs. Oryx will give his Light Bomb tactic one more whirl.

Surviving the Shadow of Oryx phase of the fight

By this stage the boss ought to be in a pretty sorry state with less than 50 percent health remaining. If not, the Spark sequence should repeated. Once you reach the half-way point, you'll next have to deal with the Shadow of Oryx, where one player at a time will be teleported into a blackened dome at the front of the map. The Shadow of Oryx must be defeated soon after the final member of the team is added to this position, or else the entire team will be wiped out.

The entire Spark vs. Vessel sequence needs to be completed once again, before Oryx once again moves to the Shadow phase. Once that's over, you'll find yourself heading into the grand finale of this epic boss fight.

Finishing this fight requires the use of every heavy weapon, Super, sniper, Primary and prayer that you have got. This is the final test of your team's collective DPS, which is why, at the start of the guide, we recommended the highest possible light levels, because anything else involves a whole lot of stress.

- You can find the rest of our King's Fall raid guide from the first page of this article.

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