The Basilica, Annihilator Totems and Deathsinger's Power is where your two-team strategy will pay off the most.

You are aiming to light the runes which surround a portal directly ahead of you as you enter the room - note, incidentally, there's a Calcified Fragment beside the pillar to your right at the top of the stairs, so grab it as you make your way to your next destination.

Note that the event event starts as soon as the first shot is fired, or after somebody collects one of two orbs that rest on the plates leading to the exits left and right.

How to beat the Basilica section of King's Fall

To kick things off, the team captains should take positions aiming at the Acolyte worshippers, while holding their fire. The remaining pairs take up positions beside the orbs, facing out toward the side areas. Since the right-hand side (blue) is harder to manage owing to less cover from Boomer fire above, assign your weakest guys to the left-hand side (red), where it's easier to contain the adds.

Have one team captain give the word to go, at which point the captains should clear the first wave of adds, while the pairs of runners head quickly toward Annihilator Totems in the far corner of each room. There now follows a predictable sequence during which the guys that collect the orbs are buffed with the Brand of the Unraveler, protecting anyone on the Totem from suffocating in the rooms.

Using the Annihilator Totems and Deathsinger's Power

After 30 seconds these same guys are the first to be buffed with Aura of the Unraveler and carrying the Deathsinger's Power x 10, being their cue to rush back into the Basilica toward the activation plate in the centre of the room. By this time, your captains should have kept everything under control here and will rush out to take their place on the Totems, resuming the two-man holding positions.

Those with the Deathsinger's Power stand on the activation plate, shooting at adds that include Wizards in the alcoves above, until Deathsinger's Power is completely drained. The disappearance of Deathsinger's Power coincides with a teammate's acquisition of the same, establishing a relay race against time.

At this point, two players should head back to the Totems on either side, while those with the Power head back inside to infuse the activation plate. This exchange happens precisely 10 times, and the whole event takes roughly five minutes to complete, although keep in mind that it is severely jeopardised if anybody dies.

To ensure success, have one defender shoot at the Knights that spawn ever y time Deathsinger's Power is activated, before helping out with the Knights, Acolytes and Thrall at ground level. Those inside the Basilica should put as much damage on the adds as possible before they even leave the room - Knights, plus Acolytes, plus Thrall and Boomer shots are certainly no fun at all to handle at the Totems.

Finally, once the fight has concluded, cross your fingers and collect your loot. If you're lucky you'll bag the Kingslayer ghost shell and/or a Special weapon. If you're lucky...

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