Dark Souls 3: Ringed City - Ringed City Streets, Dragon, and the Moaning Knight

Our complete walkthrough and boss strategies to Dark Souls 3's final DLC.

The Ringed City Streets follow on from the Ringed City Streets area of the Ringed City DLC, with plenty of challenges, including a Dragon and the Moaning Knight, lying ahead. If you need help with other parts of the DLC meanwhile, then take a look at our Dark Souls 3: Ringed City guide and walkthrough hub for plenty more.

Dark Souls 3: Ringed City Streets - how to beat the Dragon and the Moaning Knight

Head back out into the swamp. There are a bunch of items here, but the most pressing is the Ringed Knight Straight Sword, which you can grab by sticking to the right until the area lets you circle back around towards the bonfire. It's up on a ledge there.

You may notice, too, that there's an enscription by the bonfire: it's a puzzle, the solution to which we cover in detail over in our page on the Show your Humanity puzzle solution, and how to find the Purging Monument.

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Jumping back to where you are now though, the easiest way to cope with the swamp is the same principle as the long staircase preceding it: leg it. Just ignore as many enemies as you can, and scoop up the items dotted about. Ahead of you is another of those big guys who summon archers, so you'll want to make a beeline straight for him and cut him down, watching for his wild swings and summoned melee fighters.


Once he's down, head to the left side of the room from where he was and up a mud slope, keeping moving to avoid the spells of the turtle dudes. At the top, there's a turtle guy guarding an item - the Witch Birch Bow.


Once you have that, drop down and run to the part-submerged building opposite, past the knights and to drop down to the cliff hanging over the swamp.


Run back towards the direction of the bonfire from this vantage point and you'll get to the other side of that locked door, opening up a giant-bypassing shortcut. Now you have nothing to lose, instead of heading back to the cliff path, past the submerged building, head to the far end of the swamp.


Right at the back of this area is a Dragonslayer Armor sub-boss. Kill it to get the Iron Dragonslayer set. When ready, head back over the submerged building and to the cliff edge.

Instead of crossing the bridge, go down the dirt path, kill the flame knight and grab the Dragonhead Greatshield from underneath.


Now go back up and cross the bridge. It's time for one of Dark Souls' oldest dirty tricks: a massive flipping dragon.

Run straight across, and when you see it make a fire run for the bridge start rolling into the wall on the right. It should miss you. From there, you have time to run into a cave on the right just ahead, before it comes back for another go. Wait inside, then pop out, tricking it into having another go. Run as soon as it has, and drop down to the next level.


Kill the enemy below, then make your way up, deal with the enemy there, wait for the dragon to do another run, then enter the room with the spiral staircase, Instead of heading up towards the salamander, head down. Drop to the lower level, the walk up the stairs and drop again. You should come to a room with a chest - it's a mimic. Kill it to get the Ring of the Evil Eye +3.

At this point, it's worth pointing out that there is another, hidden boss for you to branch off towards and kill - we've covered that in our Ringed City secret boss page separately, which you can head to from here or opt to carry on with the main direction of the walkthrough.

To return back to the main direction of the walkthrough, keep heading up, fighting skeletons as you go, and through the room on your left. The stairs here should take you back to the top of the stairs where you entered this area.

If you swing for the salamander, the floor will crumble beneath you and you'll end up facing some more skeletons and a dark spirit called the Moaning Knight - killing him gets you the Blindfold Mask.


Be careful of the edge here, but he's pretty straightforward and easy to backstab. Once you've defeated him, make your way back to the top by going the mimic chest route again, and you'll come across a much-needed bonfire.

Next up, it's the Shared Grave area and Halflight, Spear of the Church boss fight.

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