The Thrallway in Crota's End is about halfway through the Raid once you've crossed the Bridge and dealt with the Swordbearer, Annihilator Totem, and Gatekeeper, although the biggest challenges still lie ahead of you.

Unlike the Vault of Glass, though, there's no let-up to help cleanse your palate. The next section is a corridor of pain occupied by Thralls and Shriekers that control forcefields. If you want the second Raid chest, you will need to complete this section as quickly as possible.

How to complete the Thrallway

Merely completing this section of Crota's End isn't terribly difficult. All you have to do is kill the two Shriekers in this corridor and get one of your fireteam past all the Thralls and Cursed Thralls to the far end, a process which activates the checkpoint for everyone.

However, if you do this cautiously you will discover that the door to the second Raid chest, which sits on the far side of the hole in the ground that leads to Crota, is already closed. The trick, then, is to do this section really quickly, because that door is linked to an invisible timer that begins running as soon as you start shooting stuff or moving into the corridor.

First of all, prepare yourself. Nominate a couple of people to deal with Shriekers, a couple of runners and a couple of people to mop up enemies on the floor. The Shrieker team should equip powerful weapons - ideally rocket launchers, even more ideally Gjallarhorn.

How to deal with the Shriekers

Once you're ready, synchronise your attack so that the Shrieker duo open fire on their first target simultaneously. Once it's down, they should move up the corridor to target the second Shrieker, which is just out of sight around the bend. The Shrieker team will probably die to Thralls and/or the explosive purple orbs sent out by the Shrieker on death.

The runners should move just after the first Shrieker is down. Stay off the floor as much as possible, being careful to dodge both Thralls and the blast from the dead Shrieker. Meanwhile, the people on mopping duty should be firing at Thralls to make things easier for the runners.

Now for the most important thing: if the runners reach the end of the corridor and the door is already closed - or it is closing and it's obvious it won't be possible to reach it in time - do not exit the corridor into the circular area at the end of it. Doing so gives you the checkpoint and locks the door. If the door is locked, you either need to play the Raid again from scratch (hardly ideal), or wait until the following week for things to reset.

If the door is open, though, or you know you can make it, go hell for leather. Get through the door and after a brief pause it will open again so the rest of your team - including anyone who died - can join you to collect the chest. This second chest contains Radiant materials.

Next up, Ir Yut the Deathsinger and Liturgy of Ruin

Apart from the initial shot and the final approach to the door, then, the Thrallway is not an exact science, but you should find it comes together quite quickly. The things that will kill you most often are the Shrieker death blasts, so watch out for those, and as with the Abyss lamp maze, if you have the ability to become briefly invisible then take advantage of it. If you need another person on Shriekers, sacrifice a mopper-upper, but keep the extra runner.

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