Resident Evil 7 - Master Bedroom explored: same time clock puzzle and get the final Key Card

A complete walkthrough and guide for each area in Capcom's latest survival horror adventure.

The Master Bedroom is one or two areas you can open with the Snake Key, the other being the Kid's Room, giving you access to a key card to meet up with Lucas in the next area.

If you're after help for parts of the game, consult our complete Resident Evil 7 walkthrough and guide.

Exploring the Master Bedroom and solving the same time clock puzzle

Whenever you're ready, head to the east side of F2 of the Main Hall, and open the Snake Door.

First, let's loot the two rooms in the Master Bedroom and Storage Room. We found various consumables in the former - such as a Herb inside the desk, a Lockpick inside a box on the table - then go to the Storage Room, where there's another Treasure Photo on the left and a Herb in a drawer, but most importantly - and easily missable - is a Backpack on the metal shelf against the wall which increases your inventory space.

To progress, read the 'Clock Memo' file on the globe, hinting at a puzzle - "The same time as all other clocks". This tells you to look at another clock in the house, and change the time of the standalone clock on the same table to that time, which is 10:15.

We found this in the Main Hall. Copy this time on the clock in the Master Bedroom.

Once set, the bed will move, opening the way to a secret passage, taking you to the Workshop in the B1 Processing Area.

The B1 Workshop awaits.

Get the Keycard (Red) from the table, and the Enhanced Handgun Ammo from the locker opposite, and unlock the door to leave.

There are enemies on the way to you leaving the basement, but we recommend you sprint past them to the safe room in the north east corner of 1F Main House to lose them.

Want more help? Our Resident Evil 7 walkthrough and guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to survive the main story, as well as finding the Shotgun, Grenade Launcher and the game's many Lockpicks and Treasure Photos. Meanwhile, our Antique Coins locations, Mr Everywhere statue locations and File locations lists will help you find every available collectible on Normal and Easy difficulties. We also explain how to get the Dirty Coin item in the game by getting the best Resident Evil 7 demo ending, and for DLC, the full Bedroom solution, getting the Daughters True Ending, how to beat Hoffman at Blackjack in 21 and finishing Nightmare mode.

Use the two Key Cards to access a new area

With other the Blue and Red Key Cards in hand, the phone will ring as you head through the Main Hall. Answer it, then head out into the Yard and use the Key Cards on the door to the west of the Trailer. there may be some crawling Molded to take care of in the long grass, so be wary.

Feel free to drop off the Snake, Crow or Scorpion Keys you have remaining in your inventory - you won't be needing them from now on - and it's also worth taking the Handgun with you, too. When you're ready, use the Key Cards to access the Testing Area.

Note this is effectively a point of no return, so we recommend you collect any remaining items from the Main House and Old House before progressing, including any Files, Mr Everywhere statues and Antique Coins.

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