Super Mario Run - Ghost House Coin locations for World 2-1, World 5-3 and World 6-2

Get every hidden coin across the World Tour's three Ghost Houses.

Whether you love or hate Ghost Houses in Mario games, you have to admire their quirks - from fake doors that point you in the wrong direction to Boos that just won't stop following you.

Super Mario Run Ghost Houses - found in World 2-1, World 5-3 and World 6-2 - work surprisingly well with the game's one-tap conceit, seeing you wrap around the screen to work out how to press switches, leap up from launch pads or simply avoid hitting hordes of ghosts. They also hide the game's Pink, Purple and Black Coins devilishly well, so here's a guide specifically for these stages and their hidden collectibles.

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4 minutes of Super Mario Run Gameplay

Ghost House World 2-1 Coin locations in Super Mario Run

With Ghost House hidden Coins, half the battle is against the clock. Use the Pause blocks to plan ahead where you can, and don't stress too much if you don't get all five first time - you'll be surprised with how quick you can run it when you learn the trick to each Coin.

Also, unlike other levels, if you miss a Coin, you cannot use a bubble to head back a screen. So make sure you have every coin - detailed in order below - before you move on through the exit door.

World 2-1 Pink Coin locations

  1. The first coin is at the end of the very first screen - jump to the top platform to reach it.
  2. The next two are on the second vertical screen with the three doors leading up on the left side. You have to reveal one Pink Coin at the top of the right-most column of coins above the boost pad, then go back round and collect.
  3. The third is at the top row of the second screen. Go round once then jump the gap to get it.
  4. On the pen-ultimate screen, a Pink Coin requires you to swing overhead underneath the central platform.
  5. The final coin is on the same penultimate screen as the last coin. Swing on the ceiling all the way round to reveal all the coins, one of which is a Pink Coin. Loop around again to get it.

World 2-1 Purple Coin locations

  1. This is one of the hidden coins on the first screen, specifically above the blocks at the bottom. Do a little leap from the platform to the left to reach it.
  2. On the second screen - the vertical stage with the jump pad - it's the same as the Pink Coins version where you have to leap from the jump pad to reveal all the coins, with the Purple Coin at the top. Jump on it a second time to reach it.
  3. At the top of the second screen are two blocks on the upper right. Hit one of the blocks to add the Purple Coin to your total.
  4. On the penultimate screen with the swinging blocks, one Purple Coin is obtained by revealing the coins underneath the lower set.
  5. The final coin is on the same penultimate screen, underneath the swinging blocks at the very top of the stage.

World 2-1 Black Coin locations

The second Black Coin will reveal itself after running through the red ring.
  1. On the first screen, there is a Boo hovering in the middle - force it to move and it'll show a hidden coin. Reveal it to get the first Black Coin.
  2. The second screen features a familiar jump pad but has been remixed with lots of square platforms throughout. There is a Red Coin ring here - activate it to reveal the Black Coin. The easiest way to collect it - and the Red Coins that follow - is to run without jumping until you scroll around the screen, then take the jump pad up, then continue dropping down again.
  3. On the same second screen, the Black Coin is at the very top, in the middle of the sea of regular coins. Jump from platform to platform to get up there, and watch out for the Boo emerging from the block below the coin.
  4. On the penultimate screen with the overhead swinging blocks, there is one visible underneath the first set. To get this, get to the blocks on the left, then use the first - not the second - pause block. Wait there until the Boo disappears, then leap over the second pause block and use the boost pad to leap right and hang from the blocks.
  5. On the same penultimate screen as one of the hidden Coins beneath the swinging blocks on the ceiling. Chain the backwards blocks to get all the way up there, then swing around twice (it's at the end of the row on the right) to get it.

Ghost House World 5-3 Coin locations in Super Mario Run

World 5-3 Pink Coin locations

  1. The first Pink Coin is trapped inside a Boo on the first screen. To release it, you have to defeat the ghost by jumping backwards onto it using the backwards blocks in the middle. Perform a backflip onto the ghost, and it'll disappear, dropping the coin.
  2. Coins two and three follow in quick succession. The second screen is an area filled with jump pads. After leaping up from the central-most pad, ignore the next one above and run to the right to get the coin. After running round to the other side, immediately jump using the following pad to get the third coin up above, before the blocks with the key inside.
  3. See above.
  4. The coin is on the penultimate screen in plain sight.
  5. This is another Pink Coin trapped inside a Boo. It should be on the lower half of the screen, and give chase as you head to the top. Leap from the couple of backwards blocks and backflip into it to release the coin.

World 5-3 Purple Coin locations

  1. This is hidden in the central-most block at the top of the first screen.
  2. At the start of the second screen, you can see this on the edge of the screen to the right. Leap up as you scroll around to get it.
  3. On the same second screen, leap from the middle jump pad to go up a level. Don't jump up, and instead run all the way round, and it'll be sat at the end of the row of coins.
  4. This is in view as you start the pen-ultimate screen, right above you.
  5. This final Purple Coin is trapped inside one of the two Boos up above (the other one is the Key). To get it, you have to back flip from the backwards blocks onto the Ghost. The best way to do this is to leap to the right of the Boo just before you scroll round the screen so it follows you, then run around again so it stops in the middle, the perfect position for a backflip. Now go round again and backflip from the blocks to get the Coin.

World 5-3 Black Coin locations

Wall jump between the two ledges around the Boo to get the third Black Coin in 5-3.
  1. This is trapped behind one of the Boos on the opening screen. Run around to make it follow you, then backflip into the ghost from the blocks up above to get it.
  2. You'll see this above as you start the second screen. It's an awkward position that requires you to use the overhead blocks to flip round, then do a little hop off the ledge to grab it.
  3. The third Black Coin is trapped inside a Boo at the top of the second screen, where the Key is at the very top. But with no backwards blocks, how do you get it? You have to jump between the two sets of ledges at the very top - backflipping back and forth - until the Boo gets in the way below you.
  4. On the penultimate screen, this is to the left of where you begin, so just run round once (which you need to do anyway after you've revealed the long jump blocks on the right).
  5. You'll find this one the last screen, which is awkwardly positioned in the sea of blocks underneath the ledge where the key is. To get it, you have to wall jump from the ledge below, jumping up and left into the air.

Ghost House World 6-2 Coin locations in Super Mario Run

World 6-2 Pink Coin locations

  1. Hit the yellow ! switch on the right side of the opening screen, run round to the other side of the screen and start climbing the red blocks before the time runs out. It's easiest to climb up to the blocks just above and left of the Pink Coin then drop down, than jump from below.
  2. This one is on the ledge just above where you start on the second Boo-filled screen.
  3. One of the Boos on the second screen has the Pink Coin trapped inside it. To release, head to the very top platform and hit the switch to defeat all the ghosts. Note there is a Ghost inside the switch, so use the Pause Block to the left and wait until the coast is clear before you hit it.
  4. On the third, penultimate screen, there is a yellow ! switch in the centre that creates red blocks throughout the rest of the stage. Hit it, and run round the screen enough to collect the two Pink Coins above. When it disappears, use the pause block at the end of the row of red blocks in the middle to reach the exit door.
  5. See above.

World 6-2 Purple Coin locations

The opening screen on all World 6-2 stages has you activate the red blocks then jump - and sometimes wall jump - to get the first Coin.
  1. On the opening screen, this is above a single block on the left side. Activate the ! switch to reveal the red blocks, and wall jump off the side of the nearest set to reach the Purple Coin.
  2. When the second screen starts, reveal the right-most hidden Coin to find this.
  3. On the top of the second screen, hit the P Block at the very top and the Purple Coin inside the Ghost above you will drop a Pink Coin. However, make sure you leap over the exit door afterwards, otherwise you'll progress to the next screen without getting it.
  4. On the penultimate screen, when you activate the yellow ! block, don't jump up - instead, run across the red blocks that appear below, and hit the middle-right ? block for the coin.
  5. Also on the penultimate screen, the last Purple Coins is out in the open at the top, above the Boo. Run round once to move the ghost so you can get it.

World 6-2 Black Coin locations

  1. As with previous difficulties, you need to hit the yellow ! block on the right and scale the red platforms that follow to the Coin. Instead, however, you have to climb up to the top right, scrolling round to the other side, then leap onto the lower single block in the middle and wall jump off the one above to bounce up and get it. You only have one shot per switch hit to make it, and if it takes too many attempts, it's worth restarting so you get the time reset for later Coins.
  2. The second screen has two rows of three hidden coins above the blocks near the ground - one of these is the Black Coin.
  3. On the second screen, hit the ? blocks to reveal the yellow ! switch. Hitting it will make the red blocks above disappear so you can access the door by jumping from one screen edge to the other, but instead, go past the door and jump across to the coin.
  4. On the penultimate screen, one coin is trapped inside a Boo - hit the pink ? block you get from the bricks on the right side to destroy all the ghosts, dropping it out in the open.
  5. When you hit the ! switch to create the red platforms, instead of going through the exit door, go round to the other side of the screen and collect the final Black Coin above in the middle.

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