Watch Dogs 2 - CyberDriver missions: Hack and Run, Get Smart Car, Not So Smart Car and Cyber Stunt Driver

Our complete story walkthrough and guide to the many activities in Ubisoft's hackathon.

These set of CyberDriver missions are technically the first proper story mission of the game after tutorial-style Wipe Your Profile. The first part, Hack and Run, is a particularly difficult opener, but persist and you'll get to some enjoyable driving sections.

Hack and Run

Head into HQ and watch the movie trailer, then go outside and get in the yellow car parked across the street. Follow the route to the studio, hack the gate, and drive through.

Approach the target area and hack the gate to enter the restricted zone. Use the cover of the van and the bush to head for the small door to the left of the truck, hack the garage door to open it for later, and then head through the normal door and take cover near the far doorway. Use the cameras dotted around the area to tag the guards so you can keep track of them then head for the stairs to the left just below one of the objectives.


On the walkway above deal with the guard on patrol outside the office and head for the far end. The guard inside will open the door and head towards you so knock him out before moving inside and downloading the emails.

Hack the door control in the office then head through the newly opened door to your left and use the walkway to sneak round to the far side and return to ground floor to deal with the guard standing outside the locked room. You can either find a guard with the keycode to get inside, but if you wait then a guard will helpfully open the door for you from inside - knock him out as soon as he unlocks it, grab the script, and make your escape via the garage door.

Get Smart Car

Travel to the next marker, head behind the building, and use the crates and other stacked items to reach the roof. Meet with your contact to get the intel you need then cross the road to find the car. There are a lot of guards here, but there's little point worrying about alerting them because as soon as you get in the car any hope of stealth is lost, so just run for the truck, open the door, and get ready for chaos.

Escaping police pursuit involves a fair amount of luck, but the best bet seems to be to head to the north-east end of South Park and make a few passes along the tunnel to escape the chopper, and then deal with the ground pursuit. Hacking traffic lights and other environmental items should be enough to slow down anyone on your tail, so it's mostly a case of keeping your eye on the minimap and avoiding getting too close to patrol cars searching for you ahead. Once you've shaken the pursuit head for the garage.

Want more tips? Our Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and guide provides an overview of everything you can do in the open-world game, from all finding all Key Data locations, unique vehicles and finding hidden gnomes and gnome outfit, through to tips on races, ScoutX, Driver SF and multiplayer. We also have walkthroughs on Trophy and Achievement specific side-quests Ubistolen, $911 and Shadows as well as how to get more Followers and how to make money.

Not So Smart Car

This step has you get the Key Data research point in the Embarcadero Center, use NetHack to locate the target, and head to the parking area below. It's not heavily protected and there are a couple of electrical things you can hack remotely to knock out the guards, so grab it and head back to the garage.

Cyber Stunt Driver

The next driving section is simply a timed checkpoint drive from A to B - just follow the route and make sure you use boost when you hit the jumps, and you should have plenty of time to finish. Once you pass the final checkpoint the mission is at an end. Return to the HQ to start the next mission, False Profits.

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