Watch Dogs 2 - Stolen Signals, Whistleblower, Kickin It Old School, Primary Target

How to complete a chain of side-missions, starting with Stolen Signals.

As well as the Main Operations, there are a variety of Side Operations that unlock through playing the story or exploring the world with the NetHack vision. They're completely optional, but offer a bonus way to get Followers and see more of the game's world and characters.

Here's how to complete the Stolen Signals, Whistleblower, Kickin It Old School and Primary Target chain of missions in Watch Dogs 2 - start with Stolen Signals and the rest will unlock in order. Once you're done, you may also be interested in these other side-missions:

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Stolen Signals

How to unlock: In the group of houses on the western side of the bottom edge of the park around Coit Tower. Use the Quadcopter to hack the device on top of the roof.

Steps to complete:

Use the quadcopter to hack the devices at the next two waypoints.

Peak Data
Head to Coit Tower and use the crates and scaffolding to climb onto the base to get a few feet extra height, then send the quadcopter up.

Permission Denied
Head for the restricted area, but skirt just round the edge close to the water and take cover behind the van. Send the Jumper out and under the stairs to unlock the panel, then send it up and into the room on the roof to complete the mission.


How to unlock: Unlocked by completing Stolen Signals (see above).

Steps to complete:

Wait a couple of minutes after finishing Stolen Signals for the objective markers to appear.

  • For the northernmost marker, head to the north west corner of the block and use the scaffolding to gain access to the panel on the roof, then use the cameras to move round to get a clear view of the PC so you can hack it.
  • For the southernmost marker, climb on the scissor lift parked opposite, use it to get on top of the glass awning, and then bring the window cleaning platform down to get access to the roof. Hack the panel and use the camera to hack the laptop inside the room.

Hack the panel on the wall, then when prompted hack his phone. When the conversation ends hack his laptop, then his phone again. Wait for the call to finish and hack the phone once more.

Kickin It Old School

How to unlock: Unlocked by completing Whistleblower (see above).

Steps to complete:

Hack the jammer to disable it, then hack the panel at the next marker. Switch cameras, wait for the dialogue to end, then hack the answering machine.

Hack the two marked people - the one in the restricted area can be easily done with the quadcopter, and the second is just standing in the open. This will reveal the location of a third, also out in the open.

Stay out of the restricted area and use the quadcopter to hack the target.

Want more tips? Our Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and guide provides an overview of everything you can do in the open-world game, from all finding all Key Data locations, unique vehicles and finding hidden gnomes and gnome outfit, through to tips on races, ScoutX, Driver SF and multiplayer. We also have walkthroughs on Trophy and Achievement specific side-quests Ubistolen, $911 and Shadows as well as how to get more Followers and how to make money.

Primary Target

How to unlock: Complete Kickin It Old School

Steps to complete: You need to have the Environmental RC research node locked, and we'd recommend the Robot Hacking one too.

Fly on the Wall
The first target can be hacked either by climbing to the rooftop garden or, more simply, by sending up the quadcopter. When the second target is revealed make your way there, and again either hack him in person or use the quadcopter.

Head for the next marker and move towards the eastern side of the restricted area. Take control of the scissor lift in there, open the gate, and drive it round to the west side of the area directly below the marker. Use it to get to the roof and hit the panel to trigger another switch puzzle - it can be done on foot, but the quadcopter saves a lot of walking. (All orientations given from the point of view of looking at the power source.)

  1. Rotate the T connected to the power source so that the short piece points left.
  2. Follow the cable left and unlock the switch on the wall, and rotate it to connect all three cables.
  3. Rotate the first T piece so that the short piece is pointing towards the power source.
  4. Follow the cable right and unlock the switch, then rotate it to send power to the left.
  5. Unlock the switch and turn it horizontally.
  6. Turn the timed switch, unlock the next one, and then turn the timed switch off again.
  7. Rotate the newly unlocked switch to join the lower and right cables.
  8. Rotate the elbow on the floor to connect the lower and right cables.
  9. Head back towards the power source and unlock the switch, then rotate it to connect the cable to the right with the cable pointing away from the camera.
  10. Rotate the T piece so the short end points left.
  11. Hit the final panel.

Access the unlocked panel, switch between cameras to get a view of the PC to hack it.

Focal Point
Head towards the restricted area and take cover near the front wall. Send the Jumper inside and either avoid or disable the two robots patrolling the area to get access to the panel. Hack it, then from the camera view hack the tablet on the right, the server on the left, and finally the PC in the middle.

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