Watch Dogs 2 - Shanghaied missions: Chinatown Shuffle, Nice View and They’re on a Boat!

Our complete story walkthrough and guide to the many activities in Ubisoft's hackathon.

You can start the following Shanghaied missions when you're done with the Hack Teh World Main Operation. We'd recommend you unlock the Group Distraction research upgrade before embarking on this set of missions.

Spinal Tap/Down by the Docks

Talk to Ray and then head for the container docks. Hack the cargo crane to move the container that's blocking the way. After the cutscene talk to Sitara's contact, then head north towards the nearby marker.

Chinatown Shuffle

When you reach a set of steps marked with red paving slabs and "SHU BOYS DON'T F*CK AROUND" graffitied on the wall, deploy the Jumper, send it up the steps, jump onto the crates at the top, off to the right, and open the vent.

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Head into the garage, turn left and open the door in the corner, make your way carefully upstairs, distract the guards, and head for the panel on the wall. Hack it to unlock the back door, recall the Jumper, and then make your way to the corner of the street, turn left, and head up the hill until you come to a fenced off area with a door inside.

There are a lot of guards milling about in here so timing is crucial. Wait for your moment then move inside the office and take cover behind the desk, but don't open the safe yet - it takes a few seconds to open and download the data, so keep out of sight until the guards have made another pass before grabbing the data.

Once you've got what you came for, leave the area - a mass phone distraction makes a great cover here.

Nice View

Head for the lighthouse to make your satellite connection. Hop to adjacent satellites until you locate the ship, then connect to it. Hop from camera to camera to find the crew member with the access key, hack him to obtain it, and then return to the bridge and hack the yellow panel to get the password.

Take control of the remote controlled car, jump onto the boxes stacked up against the wall and drive up the ramp. Follow the air vent, open the door, and hack the terminal in the office to get the username, and then negotiate via the cameras to return to where you started and hack the main terminal.

Want more tips? Our Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and guide provides an overview of everything you can do in the open-world game, from all finding all Key Data locations, unique vehicles and finding hidden gnomes and gnome outfit, through to tips on races, ScoutX, Driver SF and multiplayer. We also have walkthroughs on Trophy and Achievement specific side-quests Ubistolen, $911 and Shadows as well as how to get more Followers and how to make money.

They're on a Boat!

Collect your speedboat from the pier and head out to the barge. Swim across to it and climb aboard and work your way up - there isn't really anything clever you can do here to make it easier, but there aren't many crewmen out and about so avoiding them isn't too difficult.

Transfer the data then head back down to the main deck before making your way into the bowels of the ship. Take control of the forklift that's holding the server, move it round to the lift, get on, and activate the lift - once it reaches the top you just need to stay hidden (or at the very least alive) until rescue shows up.

Extra note - you can actually send the server up on its own and stay out of trouble downstairs until the timer runs out and then just run to the marker, but based on the dialogue this probably isn't intended to work!

Once you have completed all three missions Power to the Sheeple, Robot Wars and Shanghaied, you'll then unlock the final mission, Motherload.

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