Watch Dogs 2 - ScoutX locations list and rewards for taking selfies near San Francisco attractions

Watch Dogs 2 ditches collectibles for selfies - and rewards you with more poses.

Instead of traditional collectibles, you'll be running around Watch Dogs 2 ScoutX locations and taking selfies with the many attractions of San Francisco - to famous landmarks, cultural artworks to unique individuals that populate the city.

How ScoutX selfies work in Watch Dogs 2

How it works is simple - when you're near an attraction, your phone will buzz to say it's close by. Take out the phone, and perform a selfie in its general direction, and the ScoutX location will appear in the upper left corner when you have it in shot.

If you see the ScoutX details in the corner, snap away.

Attractions can be landmarks or people, and the only real difficulty is when it comes to the latter. There's a chance they won't be there when you arrive (the game will tell you as such if that's the case), in which case return later. The vast majority will appear in the day time, but a small number (which we mention below) will appear at night.

ScoutX rewards in Watch Dogs 2

Every ScoutX snap gives you an additional 8,000 Followers, making it an easy top up if you're in the right area. Also, at various landmarks you'll unlock a new selfie pose for future snaps:

  • Smiley - 3 landmarks
  • Surfs up! - 10 landmarks
  • Dayum! - 15 landmarks
  • Smooth Operator - 20 landmarks
  • Hey, girl! - 30 landmarks
  • WTF - 40 landmarks
  • Waterworks - 50 landmarks

Also, if you're looking to get the 'Got the Shutterbug' Trophy, you need to visit 25 ScoutX locations. If you're looking to do this quickly, we recommend visiting Japantown, the Painted Ladies district and Pier 39 (where you can also see Coit Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance), as each one has a handful each, then getting any others you find on your travels as you do other activities (the Key Data locations tend to put you near quite a few landmarks, for example).

Want more tips? Our Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and guide provides an overview of everything you can do in the open-world game, from all finding all Key Data locations, unique vehicles and finding hidden gnomes and gnome outfit, through to tips on races, ScoutX, Driver SF and multiplayer. We also have walkthroughs on Trophy and Achievement specific side-quests Ubistolen, $911 and Shadows as well as how to get more Followers and how to make money.

Watch Dogs 2 ScoutX locations list

Here's a list of every ScoutX location in alphabetical order, saying whether they're landmarks or people, with tips of where to position yourself.

ScoutX AttractionLocation
Alcatraz Landmark - Prison building on Alcatraz island
Alcatraz Guide Person - In front of the prison, near the flag, Alcatraz
Alive Mannequin Person - South Union Square, San Francisco
Ballet Photoshoots Person - South of Fort Point and the Golden Gate Bridge, on a concrete battery that you can climb
Battery Godfrey Landmark - On Baker Beach - south and off the beaten path from the Golden Gate bridge - in north west San Francisco
Battery Spencer Landmark - In Kirby Cove, photograph the restricted area south of the Motocross Races event, Marin
Body Paint Girl Person - On street west of Painted Ladies district, south west San Francisco
Bushman Person - Just outside Pier 39 in north San Francisco
California Aberration Landmark - Artwork above where 'The Tenderloin' text is on the map, San Francisco
Chinatown Gate Landmark - Gate at the south of the Chinatown district, San Francisco
Clarion Alley Landmark - The alley next to the DedSec Hackerbase by Mission Dolores Park, south San Francisco
Coit Tower Landmark - Coit Tower, north San Francisco can be snapped from a distance
Communities not Condos Landmark - Artwork one block north of Nudle Park in south west San Francisco
Crab Man Person - On street on the road between the Ferry Building and Pier 39 in north San Francisco
Crazy Preacher Person - Outside Christ the Light in central Oakland
Danski's Graffiti Landmark - Artwork, on street west of Painted Ladies district, south west San Francisco
Donut Guy Person - On street west of Painted Ladies district, south west San Francisco
Drag Queen Doorman Person - Outside a bar in Castro Theatre district, south San Francisco
Erhu Player Person - On a street corner in western Chinatown, San Francisco
Famous Fishnet Legs Landmark - On street west of Painted Ladies district, south west San Francisco
Ferry Arch Landmark - On the pier between Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 in north San Francisco
Flash Mob Person - At night, crowd in the park opposite Oakland Superior Court, Oakland
Garden of Peace and Love Landmark - Garden in the middle of a block west of the Painted Ladies district, south west San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge Landmark - Large, red famous bridge between north San Francisco and Marin - can be snapped from afar
Guadalupe in Woodland Landmark - Artwork in north Woodland, west Oakland
Kawaii Dancer Person - In the middle of the Japantown district, San Francisco
Lombard Street Landmark - Famous hairpin turn-filled road in the middle of San Francisco
Living Statue Person - just outside Pier 39 in north San Francisco
Love in Castro Landmark - Artwork in Castro Theatre district, south San Francisco
Masked Musician Person - Centre of Jack London Square next to the planetary statue, Oakland
Murphy Windmill Landmark - West Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
New Dawn Temple Landmark - Building in west Silicon Valley
Nudle 360 Mapper Person - Walking through the hills between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, south west of San Bruno Mountain
Nudle Lightbulb Landmark - Inside Nudle campus in Silicon Valley
Painted Ladies Landmark - Houses in Painted Ladies district, south west San Francisco
Palace of Fine Arts Landmark - Building in north west San Francisco - take from across the road
Peace Pagoda Landmark - In the middle of the Japantown district, San Francisco
Pier 39 Sealions Landmark - At the end of Pier 39 in north San Francisco
Point Bonita Lighthouse Landmark - On the coast in the far west of Marin
Rabbit Business Landmark - Artwork in West of South Park, south San Francisco
Recycle Your Emails Landmark - Artwork in North west of South Park, south San Francisco
Rock Piling Artist Person - On the coast of Sausalito, Marin
Sea Lion Mural Landmark - Artwork just west of Pier 39 in north San Francisco
Shoe Garden Landmark - Landmark - Inside park in Painted Ladies district, south west San Francisco
Stanford Tower Landmark - It's the huge tower in centre of Stanford University, Silicon Valley
Sutro Tower Landmark - Between San Fransisco and Silicon Valley
The Castro Theatre Landmark - Castro Theatre, south San Francisco
The Crab Landmark - Outside Pier 39 in north San Francisco
The Parrots Landmark - Artwork on building south east of Coit Tower in San Francisco
Tidis Building Landmark - Building complex on north coast of Silicon Valley
Tree Houses Landmark - North Morin - note it's a restricted area!
Ubisoft San Francisco Landmark - Building east of South Park in south west San Francisco
Ukiyo-e Landmark - Artwork on side of building in Japantown district, San Francisco
Vista Point Landmark - Platform on hill in west Marin
Wedding Professional Pictures Person - Front of the Palace of Fine Arts, north west San Francisco
Zombies Person - At night, in the graveyard within Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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