Gears of War 4 - Act 3 collectible locations

Where to find every hidden collectible in Act 3 of the campaign.

Below is a list of Gears of War 4 Act 3 Collectible locations. Once you're done with Act 3, you can check out other Act locations in our Gears of War 4 collectible guide:

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Gears of War 4 - Act 3 collectible locations

Act 3 Chapter 1

There are a total of two collectibles in this chapter.

1. COG ID Bracelet: Shortly after you start the chapter, before the team goes through an archway on the right side, go to the left into the dark bushes to find the collectible.


2. Ancient Book: After you enter the fort and start exploring the dark and dusty corridors, once you've investigated the 'thing' on the ground, continue straight on instead of turning left to find the book on the desk.


Act 3 Chapter 2

There are a total of three collectibles in this chapter.

1. Medical Supplies Status Form: After one of the firefights midway through the chapter, two of you are required to lift debris to get into a doorway from outside. Before doing so, go left and the collectible can be collected from a crate on the left.

When you see this debris, turn left...
...and grab the collectible on the crate.

2. COG Tag (D. Nunez): After you find the Mulcher and kick down a door to go back outside, and are told to go to the tram station, look right and you'll find a body with a COG Tag collectible next to it.


3. Tourist Map of Fort Reval: At one point you'll come across a large statue in a courtyard. Turn left, and on a bench under an archway is a collectible map.

When you see this, go left...
...go under cover and find the bench.

Act 3 Chapter 3

There are a total of four collectibles in this chapter.

1. King Figurine Souvenir: After you exit the tram at the start and go upstairs, but before you kick down the doors to leave, leap over the collapsed column and work your way to the centre of the floor to find the collectible overlooking the tram.


2. Evacuation Procedures: At the very start of the 'Follow the Snatcher to the Keep' objective, during the ourdoors firefight you can go along the left side to a barn with a light hanging in front of it. Inside on the left wall is the collectible.

See this barn in the distance? Find it...
...and search the back wall.

3. Fort Revel Military Museum Pamphlet: As you follow the Snatcher to the museum building, you come across a turret section. As soon as you approach, there is a set of steps to the left you can walk up. Inside the building is the pamphlet.

To the side of the lamp on the left is a staircase leading up...
... and on the ground inside is the collectible.

4. COG Tag (W. Owen): When you enter the keep, the first room will be filled with objects covered in sheets. In the far corner, vault over the cabinet to find a room with a body and the COG Tag.

When you reach this room, go to the far end corner...
...vault over this...
334c find the collectible.

Act 3 Chapter 4

There are a total of two collectibles in this chapter.

1. COG Tag (A. Josefson): After you drop down the hole in the ground, and find a Buzzkill weapon on the table ahead, turn right, go up the small steps and the COG Tag is in the corner.

Turn right here...
...and locate the collectible in the corner.

2. Silver Age Dagger: Proceeding a gate that requires two people to open is a catacombs room with Swarm pods and old artifacts. Before you turn left to leave, on the table past past the doorway and opposite is a collectible.

In this room, locate the exit, but opposite on the table...
342b the collectible.

Act 3 Chapter 5

There is one collectible in this chapter.

1. Ephyran Tribune: While riding the elevator, all sections lead to an elevated centre. Just off to the side is a bathroom with the collectible inside. You can get this an any time during the ride, but it's easiest before the waves start.

The collectible is in the blood-soaked room on the right of this image.

Act 3 Chapter 6

There are a total of two collectibles in this chapter.

1. Locust Shell Crystal: After you get a preview of the hive from afar, there is a large pile of yellow crystal on the left side of the walkway. Investigate it to pick up the Crystal collectible.


2. Mine Scavenger List: After you break open a door and see a stockpile of Locust weapons in crates, squeeze through them to find the collectible behind by the railing.

When you see these carts full of weapons, squeeze in-between...
...and look on the ground.

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