Rise of the Tomb Raider Croft Manor: Blood Ties - Relics and Documents collectible locations

Find every pick-up scattered throughout Croft Manor.

Throughout Croft Manor are tons of Blood Ties Relics and Documents - 54 Relics, 40 Documents and 2 Murals, to be exact - which flesh out the back story of both Lara and her family. Most are optional, some are essential for finishing the story, and all are required to mop up the expansion's achievements.

These are listed by how they appear in order inside the menu, so you can scan through the list and easily locate what you're missing. Our advice is to completely finish the story first - our Rise of the Tomb Raider - Croft Manor: Blood Ties walkthrough can help with that - before mopping up the rest.

Additionally, some Relics allow you to examine them further in some way. While not essential, the game will specifically say there's something else to notice, but not how; we say where you should look to unlock the additional dialogue in brackets. The controller will start rumbling when on the right track, and keep it there until the message pops.

Note that the two Murals are the Suits of Armour at the top of the Document listing, and simply require you to interact with them.

Croft Manor: Blood Ties Document locations

Suits of Armour

  • Sir Lancelot's Suit of Armour - Corridor outside Study and Libary, in the corner
  • Sir Reginald's Suit of Armour - Library downstairs, near the door

Safe Combination Clues

  • Moving In - Atelier, on the worktop by the paintings
  • Clues - Library, in front of the desk
  • An Unlikely Union - Master Bedroom, on the stool at the foot of the bed
  • Amelia's Paintings - Acquired exploring the Atelier

Lord Croft's Journals

  • The Return - Croft Family Crypt, in the recess on the left, at the end of the passage before the Crypt proper
  • The Ritual - Secret Vault, on the large table in the middle of the room
  • Stopping Time - Master Bedroom, inside cabinet by the door
  • Keeping Secrets - Secret Vault, open the cabinet on the left as soon as you enter
  • Cracks in the Foundation - Room after climbing from the Basement to the Library, on the shelf
  • Consumed by Grief - West Wing, inside cabinet just outside Master Bedroom
  • Invisible Ink - Library, on the small table near the large bookcase, next to where you come in from the basement
  • Discoveries - Library, corner of the desk
  • Broken - Inside the Safe
  • A New Croft - Master Bedroom, inside the wardrobe in the corner
  • First Impressions - Study Room, found on the desk
  • Travels Together - Servant's Passages, on the table after the first set of stairs on the ground floor

Atlas De Mornay

  • Clearance - Upstairs room next to Study and Library, on table next to laptop near the Suit of Armour
  • Notice Served - Unlocked automatically at the start
  • A Subtle Threat - Grand Hall downstairs, north wall, on window sill
  • A Brother's Plea - Wine Cellar, on the Crate on the right when you first enter
  • A Brother's Warning - Servant's Passages, on the left as soon as you enter from upstairs
  • Blame - Secret Vault, on the workspace in the right corner
  • Capitulation - Grand Hall downstairs, by the front door once the story is finished

Amelia's Journals

  • Next Steps - Study Room, on table in the middle of the room, next to the red chairs
  • Facing Death - Secret Vault, on the shelves at the far end wall of the room
  • A Letter to my Daughter - Unlocked at the end of the story
  • A Life of Possibilities - Grand Hall downstairs, on the table near the fireplace
  • Decisions - Wine Cellar, on the box ahead after you move the first case of wine
  • The Journey - Library, east side, opposite the book cases on the trolley
  • A New Love - Atelier, go up the ladder, go to the right


  • Storms Pass - Downstairs room connecting the Grand Hall, Library and Servant's Passage, on the trolly opposite Library doorway
  • Respectful Duty - Wine Cellar, inside the right locker, requires Crowbar to open
  • Little Angel - Wine Cellar, at the end of the main corridor, on the table
  • Birthday Expedition - Wine Cellar, on the shelf after taking a right after moving the case of wine
  • Concern - West Wing, inside the cabinet just to the right of the Atelier entrance


  • A Letter to Dad - Basement of Despair, inside the locker just before the ladder to the library, requires Crowbar to open
  • A Message to Jonah - Grand Hall downstairs, near the front door, on a table
  • Asking about Mom - Upstairs corridor outside Study Room and Library, on red chair next to the fireplace

Croft Manor: Blood Ties Relic locations

The Final Puzzle

  • Sun Shaped Plaque - Secret Vault, on the wall on the right side of the room
  • Blank Letter - Inside the Safe
  • Blank Letter (Revealed) - After getting Blank Letter, use Lighter on Grand Hall fireplace

Safe Combination Clues

  • Egyptian Crown - Library upstairs, in the crate underneath where you find the Expedition Map 2 of 2, requires Master Key to open (Examine - Zoom on the front to locate the hieroglyph)
  • Amelia's Necklace - Master Bedroom, in the cabinet to the side of the bed (Examine - Turn around, on the lid)
  • Hieroglyphics Worksheet - Library, on the desk on the far wall

Lara's Childhood

  • Expedition Map - 1 of 2 - Upstairs corridor outside the Study and Library, on top of the boxes just as you leave the Study
  • Expedition Map - 2 of 2 - Library upstairs, near the door
  • Expedition Map - 2 of 2 (Revealed) - Library, use Lighter on the fireplace
  • Photo of Lara, Richard and Ana - Study room, on the cabinet on the side of the room (Examine - Zoom in on front)
  • Old Chessboard - Wine Cellar, on the table near the lockers (Examine - zoom in on top of the board)
  • Lara's Childhood Drawing - Library, behind the desk, by the window
  • Note from Winston - Library, on table behind the sofa
  • Photo of Lara Wearing an Egyptian Crown - Study room, found on the desk (Examine - Spin round to reverse to reveal handwriting)
  • Trap Mechanism - Basement of Despair, underneath the yellow crate before water damaged tunnel leading to the Library (Examine - Turn it on its side and examine the end)
  • Mummy Bear - Basement of Despair, at the dead end in the South West corner, or locate coffin on the Expedition Map
  • Clay Imprint of Lara's Hand - Inside the Safe

Amelia's Belongings

  • Photo of Amelia Holding Lara - Atelier, to the right when you enter, on the desk next to the giant painting
  • Picture of Amelia and Lara Painting Together - Atelier, next to the ladder (Examine - Zoom in on the front)
  • Gallery Pamphlet - Atelier, up the ladder, in the chest on the left (Examine - Turn around to front)
  • Amelia's Perfume Bottle - Master Bedroom, on the dresser between the two windows
  • Photo of Amelia on her Wedding Day - Master Bedroom, by the window near the bed (Examine - Reverse and zoom on the back)

Lord and Lady Croft

  • Croft Decanter - Wine Cellar, on the left after you've moved the two corner wine crates and just before the Basement of Despair
  • Amelia's Wedding Ring - Master Bedroom, on the bed (Examine - Inside the front)

Immortality Collection

  • Egyptian Ankh - Corridor outside Study and Library, open cabinet opposite hidden door into Servant's Passages
  • Ouroborous Amulet - Grand Hall downstairs, in the cabinet by the column in the north west
  • Jade Dragon Statue - Secret Vault, on the large table in the middle of the room
  • Ancient Anubis Bust - Basement of Despair, turn left after squeezing through the crates, before you climb the ladder to the Library
  • Phoenix Figurine - Grand Hall upstairs, in the cabinet on north east

Ancestor's Legacy

  • Benjamin Croft Statue Bust - Study Room, on the table to the side of the room
  • Unknown Statue Bust - Grand Hall downstairs, in the south east corner, on a plinth
  • Bust of Richard Croft - Master Bedroom, on the window sill behind the sofa
  • Croft Family Crest - Grand Hall upstairs, open the chest with the Master Key in the North West
  • The Golden Rose - Croft Family Crypt, to the right of the steps when you enter the Crypt

Croft Extended Family

  • Ana's Cigarette Case - Grand Hall upstairs, next to window in the north west (Examine - Reverse, lower side)

Lord Croft's Belongings

  • African Mask - Study, inside cabinet not far from the door
  • Lord Croft's Codex - Secret Vault, on the workspace in the right corner
  • Lord Croft's Unpublished Manuscript - Inside the Safe (Examine - See the reverse)
  • Ancient Map of Northern Syria - Study, to the side of the room (Examine - Zoom in on front)
  • Tibetan Scroll - Secret Vault, on the large table in the middle of the room
  • Pocket Watch - Master Bedroom, on the cabinet on the wall opposite the bed (Examine - on the inside face)
  • Truth Behind Myth - Study, open the right cabinet not far from the door
  • Lord Croft's Diploma - Study, on table to the left of the window by the main desk (Examine - Zoom in on front)
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphics Book - Library, underneath the Hieroglyphics Worksheet


  • Lighter - Library, Underneath the Clues collectible (Examine - Search underneath)
  • Flashlight - Grand Hall downstairs, near the front door
  • Master Key - Library, with the Expedition Map 2 of 2 in hand, use the Lighter on the Fireplace, then move the cabinet shown on the map
  • Crowbar - Secret Vault, in the box on the large table in the centre of the room

The Renovations

  • Missing Renovation Page - Secret Vault, on the workspace in the far left corner
  • Photograph of the Library - Library, take the ladder in the left corner up, on the bookcase (Examine - see reverse)
  • Renovation Plans - Room after climbing from the Basement to the Library, on the table (Examine - The reverse)

Additional Relics

These are available only when the main story of Rise of the Tomb Raider has been completed, and all can be found in the Study Room.

  • Yamatai Sword - Study room, on the boxes by the door
  • The Atlas - Study room, on the stool near the door
  • Roth's Pistols - Study room, on the main desk

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