Rise of the Tomb Raider - Crypts, Grim Whisper, Ancient Quiver, legendary bow

How to find every piece of the Grim Whisper and Ancient Quiver legendary weapon in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The crypts are small cave networks spread around the game world, and each one of them contains a sarcophaugs that contains one part of a special bow and quiver set. Here's a quick guide to tracking down each and every one of them, so you can beef up your arsenal of weapons even further.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One X Gameplay: Rise of the Tomb Raider 4k Gameplay

Soviet Installation Crypts

Crypt One: Take the zipline down from the Installation Vista camp. Next, head down the slope, and about halfway between your landing zone and the dead bodies at the end is a small rocky platform, just over to your right.

Head up it and squeeze through the crack in the cliff, then break the crumbling wall inside the next chamber, go through, and read the plaque on the wall to your left. Further on from here the path will fork. Straight on is a Coin Cache, and the path to the right leads to the crypt itself.

Crypt Two: from the Hidden Refuge base camp, drop down the cliffs in a southerly direction towards the collapsed bridge. When you get to the small clearing you'll find a cave entrance. Destroy the crumbling wall in the entrance chamber, then simply follow the passageway to the bottom.

The Lost City Crypts

You'll find this particular part of the weapon at the end of an underwater tunnel beneath the bottom of the zipline from the first trebuchet. Once you've made your way inside, simply read the plaque and break down the wall, then head down the tunnel, and drop into the water. If you now swim left and go inside the crypt room, you'll be able to open the tomb, grab the coin cache, and retrace your steps.

Geothermal Valley Crypts

Crypt One: From the Ruins Encampment, head up the steps to the right, go through the broken archway, and then bear right between the two broken buildings. Follow the path towards the pine trees and then turn left to find a cave in the south-east corner of the map.

Break down the crumbling wall at the far left of the chamber and head inside. Follow the path, drop down the ledge, use the zipline, drop down the next ledge and go into a chamber that's lit by a shaft of sunlight from above. Swimming to the left will take you to the tomb, and the path to the right leads to some resources you can gather up.

Crypt Two: From the Ridgeline camp, head south down the path to the small waterfall. Next, stand on the edge and jump to the small outcrop to your left. Hang from the edge and drop down to the lower outcrop, then jump to the next one along, collect the satchel, then jump to the waterfall and grab the rockface with your axe.

Clamber up, head into the cave, and smash down the wall. Head through and drop down into the mist. Now dive underwater and swim through the passage to the left. After leaving the water, drop down the ledge ahead, follow the passage, read the plaque on the wall, then use the zipline and enter the tomb. Explore the rest of the area for resources and other items before making your way back out.

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