Rise of the Tomb Raider - Pit of Judgement, Sacred Waters, Chamber of Exorcism

How to find and finish up the Pit of Judgement, Sacred Waters and Chamber of Exorcism Challenge Tombs in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The next part of our guide explains how to complete the final three Challenge Tombs in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Geothermal Valley Challenge Tombs (Pt. 2)

The Pit of Judgement

Head north east from Ruins Encampment and pass behind the waterfall. Climb a couple of flights of wooden stairs, then enter the large cave. Grapple-jump the gap and squeeze through the small crack to find a camp. Grapple-jump again, loot the satchel in the small pool of water, then slide down the wet slope.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One X Gameplay: Rise of the Tomb Raider 4k Gameplay

Jump at the bottom, grab the rock on the other side, then climb up and cross the fallen log. Make your way down the low passageway, jump across the gap, and make another undignified landing in the puzzle room below.

Swim across the lake towards the large wooden structure. When you reach it, turn around and head up the cart track to the right. At the top gather the relic and the scroll, then head to the right and jump over a gap to find a map. Return to the mine cart and use your axe in the crank to rotate it 180 degrees then give it a shove for a satisfying explosion.

Create a zipline to the middle level of the top part of the other ramp and slide across. Loot the area, then scramble and climb your way to the top. Use the crank to lower the turntable, then use the other crank to rotate it 90 degrees clockwise. Push the cart onto it, rotate it 90 degrees anti-clockwise, then raise it back up.

Give the cart a shove down the slope, then head over to inspect the carnage. Collect your reward, then swim back across the lake. Climb up the patches of rough rock to head back to camp.

Catacomb of Sacred Waters

Jump into the water just east of the Aqueduct Ruins camp, then clamber up the fallen log and jump across to the cave entrance. Follow the tunnel down and around, slide down the slope, swim across the small pond, and climb through the opening. Make a rope bridge across the water and climb over. Head down the stairs, then follow the spiral ramp anti-clockwise around the chamber to find camp.

Don't be tempted to take a swim as it leads to instant death, sacred water or otherwise. Attach a rope form the spool to the boat, then jump on when it reaches shore. Quickly attach a rope from the boat to the other visible spool. The boat will head for the island and then the rope will give way.

As the boat drifts near the spool on the other side of the island, attach it with a rope, and as soon as you're close enough make a jump for dry land. Gather the coins and scroll, then look to the right to find another boat hiding behind the waterfall.

Shoot an arrow at it to drag it closer, then jump on as it passes the island. Quickly attach it to the last spool - this may take many attempts - then use the crank to haul yourself in and climb to safety.

Head up the steps and into the building. Grab the map from the table as you pass, then proceed to collect your reward. Loot the rest of the room, climb the wall and smash your way out, then either retrace your steps or climb back up the rope bridge to fast travel from camp.

The Lost City Challenge Tombs

Chamber of Exorcism

From the Threshold of Kitesh camp, drop down to the ruined city and head for the north east corner of the zone. Enter through the archway and head down towards a cavern occupied by a decidedly hostile and incredibly tough polar bear. Once he's down, smash through the crumbling wall and head down the passageway.

Take a flying dive into the waters below, swim through the tunnel ahead, and keep going until you reach camp. Swim across the water and head down the slope. From a safe distance use a fire arrow to ignite the clouds of sulphur, and head through the arch into the tomb.

Head down the steps to your right and stand between the large gate and the small pool of water, facing the pool. Fire your bow at the two levers above the large circular hatch and the room will fill with gas. Quickly run down the ramp in front of you and use your axe on the chain at the bottom. Once it's smashed, beat a hasty retreat until the gas dissipates, then head back down and turn the crank on the crane to lift the cage free.

Stand on the other side of the crane and use an arrow to rotate it, then release another cloud of gas. Head to relative safety at the top of the stairs and unleash a fire arrow - if you haven't got any and don't have crafting ingredients there's a stash of them on the other side of the room. Physics happens, and when the smoke clears head down to seize the prize.

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