Rise of the Tomb Raider - Path of the Deathless, Orrery, codex, Hidden City, SMG

Our complete Rise of the Tomb Raider walkthrough continues with a guide to completing the Path of the Deathless section of the game.

Head down the secret passageway, knock through the crumbling wall, and descend the steps.

The Orrery

Follow the steps down into a large cavern. Drop down onto the area below the wooden panel to dig up a survival cache at the far end, then climb back up and use climbing arrows to forge a path across the panel. Scramble up the boards at the end, and repeat the process round the corner.

The next cavern contains a campsite, so make use of it if you wish, then proceed into the next chamber for a quick swim. The area on the right has a second cache to dig up on the small beach. Head into the next chamber and descend the steps. When you reach the bottom, squeeze through the crack in the wall into another narrow corridor. Drop down at the end and make your way down the large stone chunks, then pass through the rusty grate into the heart of the orrery.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One X Gameplay: Rise of the Tomb Raider 4k Gameplay

Stand on the end of the plank and shoot an arrow at the left-hand globe to rotate the arm, then jump onto it and down onto the mechanism below. Rotate the other arms by 180 degrees, then scramble up onto the beam at the back, grapple-jump to your left using the rear arm, then jump onto the third one. From there, scramble up the boards to your right. Retract the brake, then grapple-jump across to the upper level of the mechanism, cross to the other side of the room, and retract the second brake.

The mechanism now springs to life, so timing your jumps is tricky. Expect to plummet to your doom more than once - if you can't locate your next destination, use Survival Instinct to highlight where you're going. Grapple-jump back to the top part of the mechanism, then scramble onto the flat panel and climb up onto the arm.

From there, leap onto one of the wooden beams when it comes into range, then drop down onto the arm with two globes when it's below you. Stand at one end of it and wait for the arms with the two flat panels to get close, then leap across. Climb up and jump across to the central pillar, ascend as far as you can, and jump up to grab another bar. Haul yourself up to the very top, then stand on the catwalk and wait for the treasure room entrance to come into sight. When it does, leap across to safety.

Read the codex, loot the containers, then head up the path. Use climbing arrows to make your way round the corner and climb up onto the rocks.

Through the Glacier

At the bottom of the stairs, turn left and head up the dead-end to retrieve a map. Return to the path and grab the scroll from the protruding rock platform on the left, then continue into the next room. Jump the gap, scramble up the wall, and use your axe to scale the cliff.

At the top, a number of angry-sounding enemies will parade past. Ignore them and shimmy along the ledge to the left, then jump across the gap and grab the ice with your axe. Climb up, head round the corner, and jump across the gap and grab some more ice with the axe. When it collapses, push your way down the narrow gap and drop down to another room below.

Head downhill, then scramble up the wall, shimmy along, and scramble up the pillar. Head round the ledge, climb the ice, and inch along the narrow platform. At the end, jump off and grab the large statue by the bottom lip. Head left and drop down at a campsite. From here head down the slope, over the narrow rock, and edge along the cliff. Grab the journal from the small alcove on the right as you head up the slope, then climb the wall and descend the other side to another new camp.

Into the Hidden City

Scout the nearby area for materials, then head down the zipline. Grab the ledge as you fall, then head left, jump across the grab bars, and axe and scramble your way up. An enemy will grab you, so mash Y to wipe him out and prepare for battle.

These new enemies fire flaming magical arrows and are well-armoured, so try and use some environmental hazards to make life easier. These soldiers seem to be most vulnerable to the SMG. After the first wave is defeated a couple more will appear, including the ever popular shield-bearer, but once they're down you have a bit of breathing space to loot their remains and gather ammo.

Head for the marker and up the stairs. Head right and take cover behind a pillar as two more enemies approach. Finish them off, then climb the stairs. At the top, turn right and take out two more guards that appear in the arches ahead, then head up the next set of stairs. As you head into the courtyard you'll be pinned in and confronted by two enemies hell-bent on ventilating your skull with their nasty looking axes - when they're defeated, another pair will drop down into the arena. When the fight is over, have a quick recce for any useful items and then head through the arch.

You're relatively safe for now, so scour the area for supplies and collectibles, craft anything you're running low on, and then head to the left of the stone structure, jump from the ramp, grab the ice beyond, climb up, and head through the hole into an eerily-lit ice tunnel.

Breaking In

Slide down the slope, grapple-jump across the gap, and make a less than elegant landing...

- Our walkthrough continues with a step-by-step guide to completing Rise of the Tomb Raider: The Lost City, the final part of the game's storyline.

- For the rest of our Rise of the Tomb Raider guide, head back to the index page of this article.

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