XCOM 2 - how to unlock Hero characters Sid Meier, Peter Van Doorn and Beaglerush

How to unlock all of the currently known Hero characters in XCOM 2, and basically break the game for yourself in the process...

The ability to rename your soldiers in XCOM 2 and its predecessor ensures you're commanding a squad with whom you have a very close attachment. However, in addition to using the names of friends and family members to add a personal touch, there are certain names that can be bestowed upon soldiers to unlock legendary XCOM heroes.

These Hero Characters typically come in the form of fully-upgraded soldiers of a pre-determined class that benefit from incredibly high stats and are outfitted with the very best of the game's advanced equipment. They can be recruited for free, but are so powerful that you'll be warned that adding them to your roster will immediately disable achievements for the current playthrough.

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Be warned, they are generally so powerful that they are capable of single-handedly wiping out enemy forces - in the early stages of the game at least. Therefore, they're best used for fun, after an initial playthrough has been completed, or by players looking to halt all further alien progress deep into the latter stages of the game. It might be considered cheating in an ultra-challenging Ironman mode run but who are we to judge?

Hero Characters can be unlocked at any time during the game by heading to the Soldier roster, selecting any soldier to customise and changing their Character Info. Select the First Name field and enter the name listed below and then do the same for the Last Name field.

Be aware that choosing to call forth legendary XCOM heroes in this way will overwrite all previous soldier stats, characteristics, abilities and customisations, and their name and basic physical attributes cannot be altered once summoned. They can still be dismissed from your roster or killed in combat though.

How to unlock Sid Meier in XCOM 2

First Name: Sid
Nickname: N/A
Last Name: Meier

Strategy game legend, Sid "Godfather" Meier, is a Psi Operative Magnus who has access to every Psionic ability in the game, in addition to an incredibly high Psi stat and some super-advanced weaponry and armour. It is also possible to have a more vanilla version of Sid Meier appear in your game as a standard soldier for hire.

How to unlock Peter Van Doorn in XCOM 2

First Name: Peter
Nickname: N/A
Last Name: Van Hoorn

A former NPC from XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Peter Van Doorn ascended to the ranks of XCOM legend after becoming known for his gung-ho approach to being rescued and his frequent battlefield commentary, which was just the right level of unhinged. He's an Assault Build Ranger Colonel, who also has access to the powerful Conceal and Rapid Fire Scout abilities, along with high-level equipment and excellent movement range. Unlike Sid Meier, Van Doorn's nickname is randomised.

How to unlock Beaglerush in XCOM 2

First Name: N/A
Nickname: Beaglerush
Last Name: Van Hoorn

By inserting only the nickname 'Beaglerush', you'll unlock a powerful Grenadier with a war suit and high-level equipment named after a popular XCOM 2 YouTuber and streamer of the same name.

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