The Witcher 3 - Novigrad: every side quest in the Hierarch Square and Glory Lane regions

How to find every side quest in the Hierarch Square and Glory Lane regions of Novigrad, and what you need to do to complete them.

There are a couple of fiddly Secondary Quests to finish in Hierarch Square and Glory Lane. Here's our quick guide to finding each one of them, and then wrapping them up nice and quickly.

A Feast For Crows and Message from an Old Friend

A Feast For Crows

Head over the bridge and north from the Gate of the Hierarch signpost. At some point, Geralt will complain about a smell. Use your Witcher Senses to find its source and trigger this quest.

Examine the scene and follow the footprints, and you'll be led to a meeting of dwarves. They offer to buy the key from you, and you can either hand it over or kill them and claim the loot for yourself. If you take option B, the chest is upstairs, and contains 50 Crowns, 200 Florens, and guardsman's boots.

Message from an Old Friend

Go inside the Books and Scroll stores in Hierarch Square, then talk to Marcus. Either shop for any books you need, or just tell him you want the quest book. Go upstairs and look for the book you need on the bookcase near the stairs. Take the letter from inside My Manifesto to complete the quest.

Of Swords and Dumplings

Requires: Axii level 3 or 200 Crowns

There's a blacksmith marked on the map to the north west of Glory Gate. Visit him to trigger this quest.

Head for the marker and wait until dusk, then follow Hattori to his meeting. Either haggle or agree to the price, and then prepare for an ambush. Defeat the dwarves, then follow Hattori. Aard the crates blocking the archway and head towards the waterfront.

After the brief dialogue, run back to the dumpling shop, talk to Hattori, and then head to the next marker. When you arrive there'll be a fight going on. Break it up, and then engage in some fisticuffs yourself. More dialogue follows, then yet another link in the chain has you heading to the marker.

If you have sufficient Axii skill, you can persuade the merchant to pay the bill, otherwise you'll have to smash some stock and fight some bandits. Either way, head back to Sukrus and tell him the news, then return to Hattori. Of course, it's still not over. Talk to Sukrus again, then go back to the Sturgeon, then head off to the warehouse.

Axii level 3 or 200 Crowns will get you into the warehouse. Use your Witcher Senses and mark the three crates, then head out of the door. A fight will ensue regardless of the dialogue options you pick, then it's back to Hattori's to ask about the sword he promised you. Wait three days, then return to collect your new weapon and complete the quest.

Racists of Novigrad

Part 1:

Just north of Portside Gate you'll find a female elf being harassed by some yokels. Intervene, and earn a telling off from her whatever you say.

Part 2:

After completing the first part of this quest, go outside the city wall, north-east of Tretogor Gate, and look for two more elves being beaten up by some yokels. Intervene again, and this time it'll turn into a fight. Dispatch them, and then get another telling off.

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Suspicious Shakedown

In the north-east corner of the bottom island of the city (west of Trelogor Gate, and north of Gate of the Hierarch), you'll find a merchant being bullied by bandits. Either kill them all, or use Axii to dissuade them, and earn a discount from the merchant for future purchases.

The Flame of Hatred

Interact with the preacher just east of Hierarch Square. You can either confront him, threaten him, or ignore him. The first two options will cause the crowd to turn on him, and if you pass by the same spot later on in the game, two of his followers will ambush you. Whatever you say to them it ends in bloodshed - dispatch them and move one.

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