The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Where to find all the Witcher Gear

Upgrade plans for Ursine, Feline, Wolven, Griffin and Manticore equipment.

The Witcher Gear armour sets are some of the most powerful - and best-looking - items in the game. The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine adds five new sets of Grandmaster Crafted Witcher Gear, but getting hold of them isn't easy - you need to find the diagrams first, and then take these to a craftsman. To kick the hunt off, head for Lafargue's workshop - the eastern-most of the two armourers in Beauclair - and talk to him to mark the general locations on your map.

Grandmaster Crafted Griffin Gear

Head for the ruined fort. Three of the diagrams are in a box inside, along with a letter that points to the location of the remaining three. Make your way to the new location, fight off the bandits when you arrive, and then use the Eye of Nehelani on the wall to reveal a hidden staircase - you're in a Hanse, so you may want to deal with the boss before continuing your search, although if you're quick you can be in and out before reinforcements arrive.

Head inside and use Witcher senses to find a small switch on the wall that reveals another hidden passage. Loot the box in the end at the left, read the note, and then look on the desk for the spare crystal (the desk is in the right of the room if you're facing in from the unpowered portal). Pop the crystal in the frame, give it a shot of Aard, and head through. On the other side there's a Golem, so get out the Elementa oil and take him down before heading into the next room - the remaining diagrams are on the chair, the table by the still, and in a chest next to the fireplace.

Grandmaster Crafted Feline Gear

Head for the house - the gates are locked, so make your way to the south-east corner and use the collapsed part of the scaffolding to get inside. Defeat the pocket of bandits and talk to the clerk - he knows nothing useful, so head inside the red building and loot the picture hanging on the door inside to the left to find one of the diagrams and a clue to the next. Head back outside and search amongst the dead bandits to find the key to the gate and a set of orders. Read the orders, unlock the gate, and move on to the next location.

The second location is a Hanse, and this one will definitely need clearing out before you can properly look around so head for the upper floor using the wooden ladder on the collapsed bridge on the south side to find the Bandit chief. When the area is safe head for the signal fire on the north side of the ruins and loot the nearby container to find another couple of diagrams and your next clue. Head to the cave and follow the passage inside - there are Archspores in here so deal with them before you search the area. The remaining diagrams are in the northernmost tip of the cave.

Grandmaster Crafted Ursine Gear

Head for Flovive and make your way around the outside of the ruined building until you find some fallen rocks below a collapsed roof. Use Aard to clear the rocks out of the way and head into the darkness - there's a chest just to the right once you're inside, and that contains 3 diagrams and your next clue.

Head to the Tufo Vineyard and find the cave - if you've already dealt with the Monster of Tufo contract then it should be marked on your map already. Drop down the waterfall in the entrance and use Aard to clear the rocks to your left and read the warning left on the ground. Use your Witcher Sense to follow the bear markings on the wall until you find the dead Witcher - loot him to find the remaining diagrams.

Grandmaster Crafted Wolven Gear

Head for the ruins and look in the box under one of the benches in the campsite for a clue, the make your way to the next marker. The entrance is on the lower levels of the stone terraces, and inside is a magic barrier that needs a key, so before going inside loot the skeleton tucked in the corner of the area near the entrance. Use the switch to the right of the barrier to lower it, and head inside.

The area is swarming with monsters so be cautious while you're exploring. Defeat the Barghests, examine the skeletons on the ground, then head to the left and use Aard to break down the wall at the end of the passage. The large chamber ahead plays host to a Giant Centipede that needs to be killed before Aarding your way through another wall. You'll be attacked by both Wraiths and Barghests as you drop down into the next room, so be prepared.

Nip into the room to the right of where you landed to find three diagrams on the dead Witcher under the rock, then head the other way and examine the satchel on the ground to find the other three. Head into the next room and pick up the key from the floor near the door to make your way out.

Grandmaster Crafted Manticore Gear

As you approach the first marker, you'll come under attack from a Forktail, so be prepared with Draconid oil and possibly a dose of Golden Oriole, and use Aard to knock it out of the sky. Once you're at the prison itself climb up to the tower using the ledge on the north west side and loot the loose brick just beside the "door" to reveal the first diagram and a clue to the location of the others.

When you reach the second destination there'll be a Panther just outside the cave, so take care of business and then head inside. Examine the prayers hung around the walls until you find one you can loot - it's been written on the back of the second diagram, along with another clue.

Head for the third destination and use Aard to knock down the wall at the back of the monument. If you've not yet completed The Words of the Prophets Are Written on Sarcophagi then you'll be attacked by a Wraith called The Great Beggar. The diagram is in a small box on the left of the alcove, ahead of where you busted your way in.

Destination number four. Swim to the end of the cave and make your way up the steps - you'll encounter a cloud of gas and as you pass through a series of caverns you'll start suffering a series of hallucinations, each designed to test your devotion to one of the Virtues. Ignore the naked women in the first room, give Alms to each of the beggars in the second, defeat the Kikimores in the third, and then use Aard to break into the next room. Head up the slope to your right to meet your final hallucination and get the fourth diagram.

Five. Tackle the bandits and loot the sack at the bottom of the lake to get the last diagrams and final note to end the hunt.

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