The Last of Us - Pittsburgh, Alone and Forsaken, Hotel Lobby, Financial District

We'll show you how to make it safely through this deadly section of The Last of Us, and avoid the attentions of the Hunters as you do so.

In the next chapter of The Last Of Us, you'll have to help Ellie through a flooded section, before handling a particularly nasty pack of Molotov-chucking Hunters. We'll show you how to finish up Pittsburgh from start to finish.

Alone and Forsaken

Deal with the attacker who ambushes you, then go and rescue Ellie. Be ready for a fight against the Hunters once you've got her to safety. Kill them, grab all of the nearby supplies, then go and meet Ellie by the garage door. Open it up, grab any supplies you can find, then head up the stairs on your left.

Keep searching the area, then head to the right when you start hearing people talking. When the Hunters drop down, kill them all, then head to the left and climb over the vehicles to reach a new zone.

Kill the next load of Hunters you come to, then go inside the structure to your right. Kill all of the enemies inside, then go up the stairs and repeat. Pick up any supplies you can see, then look for the exit sign. Leave the building and keeping heading forwards until you trigger a new cut-scene.

Hotel Lobby

Swim towards the wooden pallet and then bring it back to Ellie. Swim back towards the plank, then enter the cargo hold to your rear. Swim left, then head upstairs, go up the ramp and then cross over via the plank to reach Ellie. Now go inside the hotel.

Have a good rummage around for any useful items, then head to the left and pick up the ladder. Put it up against the wall in front of you where there's a missing bannister. Head right to get the safe code, then open up the safe before returning to the ladder. Go up it, then head left and leave the hotel.

Now head back inside the hotel and deal with the Hunters - watch out for the one throwing Molotov cocktails in particular. Keep making your way towards the burning rubbish bins and the arrows painted on the walls. Pick up any items you see and kill all of the Hunters as you make your way towards the lift. Get inside the lift shaft and then give Ellie a leg-up so she can reach the ladder. Joel will then fall down into the water.

Swim right and work your way through the lift shafts. As soon as you get to a gate that blocks the way, swim underneath it. Activate the generator when you find it, but be ready to face a new enemy type: Stalkers. These horrible creatures are the mutants that Runners become as they transition towards being Clickers - and they're great at ambushing you from a hiding spot.

Next, go upstairs and look for the room that's floored with blue rugs. Take the right-hand exit, then take the hotel key-card from the room on the other side of the hall. Keep working your way through the hotel until you find a corridor covered in fungus. Get to the end of this corridor and then use the key-card you picked up.

Keep heading forwards until you come to the kitchen. Kill the Hunters you encounter, then look for a ladder you can climb up. As you make your way up, you'll be ambushed by a Hunter - just be ready to complete a QTE to handle the threat.

Now that you and Ellie are back together once more, go all the way up the ladder and then explore the hotel until you find the exit. Push the piano up against the wall, climb up it, then head right. Keep walking in the direction of the light to leave the hotel for good.

Financial District

While Ellie provides cover with the rifle, kill all of the Hunters, then take all of the supplies you can find and follow her. There's a garage door to your left - open it, then have another rummage around for items before heading forwards.

Go upstairs and kill the pair of Hunters you come across. Now look for the bookcase protected by trip-wires. Kill the next pack of Hunters, but watch out for the guy chucking explosives around as you do so. Leave the bookshop as you follow Ellie, then give her a boost up to the ladder. Keep exploring until you come to a shop filled with Hunters.

Circle around the turret as you pick them off one by one, then get inside the building. Keep heading forwards and you'll eventually trigger a new cut-scene.

Escape the City

At this point you'll have acquired two new survivors for your group. Kill all of the Hunters as you trail Henry to the hideout, then get on the bus to your left. Kill the Hunters higher up, then go to the hideout.

Keep following Henry out of the office, kill the two guards you come to, then leave the building. Stay well out of the spotlight here, and make sure you kill the nearby Hunter. Deactivate the generator to create a distraction, then kill the Hunters who come along to investigate. Open up the bridge doors and kill the Hunter on the truck.

Now open up the garage door to your left and take cover inside so you can kill the Hunters in the bar. Push the rolling cart from the door, then open it and crawl beneath the chains. Keep following Ellie as you run to avoid the turret, before finishing up this chapter of the game.

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