Modding of the PC version of No Man's Sky is under way, and modders have begun with a few graphics fixes, as well as some quality-of-life improvements that any player of the game will appreciate. Redditor TaintedSquirrel has a roundup.


Star of the show has to be ShutUp, which allows you to disable your any of your exosuit's monotonous audio warnings, for example when it tells you your inventory is full (is it really) or your life support systems are low at 75%.

NoHUD is a beautifully simple mod that lets you toggle the HUD on and off with a single press of F5, rather than going into the menus. Ideal for screenshot hounds. (You can't do this on PS4 at all.)

Fast actions disables the timer that requires you to hold keys down for all interactions and menu selections. Sweet relief! Be careful when managing valuable items in your inventory though.

Elsewhere, there are mods to manage resolution scaling, disable some graphical post-effects such as filters, chromatic aberration and scan lines, and a "trainer" that lets you cheat infinite health and energy and grants you an instant Atlas Pass.

Searchable, sortable crafting recipe book next, please...

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