Uncharted 4 - Chapter 18: New Devon

Exploring a ruined pirate enclave, and finding all the treasure, conversations and journal entries in this chapter of Uncharted 4.

This chapter sees Nate and Elena getting close to the Avery's treasure as they explore New Devon, the secret enclave of the richest pirates. Here's a walkthrough for successfully navigating the section and getting all the collectibles: treasure locations, optional conversations and journal entries.

  • Treasure: Mughal Stout Vase - Far left corner of the starting area.
  • Treasure: Small Mughal Dagger - Climb the stone block, jump to the first gibbet, then use the ones to the right to head back to the last skeleton cage. Drop down to it to find this item.
  • Optional Conversation: There's a small wooden sign stuck in the ground on the left side of the area. Walk to it and then talk to Elena after she translates it.
  • Optional Conversation: Head towards the overgrown doorway and examine it, and after Elena has translated the inscription head over and talk to her.

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Head to the stone block towards the back of this area, climb up, and jump across to the gibbet. Jump from there to the next one, then again, and then grab the wall. Use the caged skeleton to hoist yourself onto the top of the wall and into New Devon. Jump into the water below, swim to the left, and haul yourself onto dry land. Head up the slope and climb into the collapsed building on your right, clamber onto the roof, and jump across to the doorway opposite.

  • Treasure: Mughal Candle Holder - Amongst the undergrowth beneath the tree in the corner before you climb into the building.
  • Journal Note: From the doorway, crawl through the gap in front of you, bear right, and you'll find the note on the edge of the bed.

When you land, crawl through the gap to your left, climb onto the collapsed floor, and jump across the small gap. Examine the sigil on the wall and then drop down into the shrubbery below. Cover usually means there's fighting ahead, and this is no exception - there are quite a few enemies patrolling the other side of the lake, so use your preferred methods to be rid of them.

Once the coast is clear, head for the cave behind the stone bridge, get into the water, and swim to the back. Turn left and dive through a narrow opening, then surface and turn right. Climb onto dry land, swing across the gap, and exit into fresh air again.

  • Journal Note: On the table in the small stone pergola.
  • Optional Conversation: Talk to Elena after picking up the note.

Drop into the river and quickly swim for the other side. Head to the waterfall and use your rope and piton to scale the wall on the far side and push the box down into the water.

  • Treasure: Mughal Circular Box - Just below the waterfall behind the tree before you swing across.

Head back to the original side of the river and climb through the window at the end, then use your rope to pull the box up the ramp. Position it near the light-coloured wall section, climb up after Elena, head for the top of the roof, wait for the inevitable disaster, then swim over to the right and into the building.

  • Optional Conversation: Talk to Elena once you're in the water and she's asked how you are.
  • Treasure: Mughal Headdress: Submerged just to the left of the building before you swim inside.

Head left and onto dry land and make your way to the end of the room. Climb the wall to the right and press on ahead through the bedroom, through a large empty room, round a corner to the left, and then crawl through the back of the fireplace.

  • Treasure: Spanish Brass Chalice - Just after passing through the bedroom, turn right and double back - the item is behind the sofa in the far right.
  • Journal Entry: Examine the jug sat on a table between two windows in the same room as the treasure.
  • Journal Note: On a desk in the corner of the corridor as it turns left.

Drop down to the room below then climb out of one of the windows. Swim to the steps, examine one of the cannons, and then climb in through the window on the left. Head into the next room, walk forwards towards the bookcase on the area above and turn right. Head as far down this side as you can then jump into the water, swim quickly across to the other side and pull yourself up.

Run along the beam and jump from the end - you know it's not going to work, but you have to try anyway. Return to Elena and she'll offer to weigh it down for you, and this time the jump will work.

Move to the back of the room and jump from the end of the long beam sticking out over the water and make for the other side before you get washed downstream, grab the wooden bar, and climb up and round the wooden pillar to the floor above. Head to the other end, push the bookshelf down and wait for Elena to climb up, then get her to help you lift the bookcase that's blocking the exit. Examine the sigil on the wall ahead, turn the corner, and open the door...

  • Journal Note: On the table to the right of Avery's chair.
  • Journal Entry: Examine the centre of the table.
  • Journal Note: In the pile of debris in front of the fireplace in the next room.

Leave the dining room and turn right, make your way up the moss-covered fallen tree, and then climb the broken steps. They suddenly become more broken, so swing across to the rock face opposite and make your way up. At the top, turn left and head into the building through the large hole in the wall.

  • Treasure: Mughal Painted Elephant - Carry on past the hole in the wall and it's on a small ledge on the wall near the cannons.

Head through the door opposite, climb up, enter the main room upstairs, have a quick look around (you can knock out a couple of out of notes on the piano if you wish), and then drop down the hole that was to your left as you entered.

  • Optional Conversation: Talk to Elena when she wanders off to the right shortly after entering the main room.

When you get downstairs, examine the pile of stuff in front of the doors to the right. There's a door on the next floor up that you can open, but it's wise to scope the layout of the area before you do - it triggers an assault from the mercs, so it helps to have a grip on the surroundings.

There's no option for stealth here at all, and you'll be facing off against quite a few mercs including one or two with miniguns, so knowing where you can take cover or escape to may save your life. When you're ready, give the door a shove and then wage war on the enemy.

When everything is calm again, resume shoving at the door and follow Elena down the corridor and into the next room. Take a look around and examine the plaque on the wall near the spiral stairs, and pick up Sam's lighter from the far side of the circular area to the left. Now you're looking for a switch, so examine the carriage clock, bust, armour and paintings in the circular area - it doesn't matter what you look at as you're unable to find it yourself, and you just need to look at all of them to trigger Elena to do the deed.

  • Journal Note: Elena will hand you this herself as you walk down the corridor.
  • Treasure: Mughal Dinnerware - Climb up the spiral staircase and it's on a small writing desk on the corner of the landing.

Head down the secret steps and open the gate to end the chapter.

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