Fallout 4 - Getting a Clue, Kellogg, cigar, Dogmeat, Geneva, Ellie

How to complete the Getting a Clue quest in Fallout 4, from gaining the key to Kellogg's home to investigating his house.

Go to Valentine's Detective Agency

As soon as you're ready to begin the newly-acquired Getting A Clue quest, open your Pip-Boy map and fast travel to Diamond City Market. Your first task is to rendezvous with Nick Valentine and see what he knows about your missing son. When you arrive at the market, follow the objective marker over to Valentine's Detective Agency and step inside.

Talk to Ellie

Once Nick has been reunited with his assistant Ellie, let her know that you were happy to help. You'll receive a small reward (including the battered fedora and faded trench coat) for your efforts back at Park Street Station.

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Sit down

Next, take a seat in the chair opposite Nick and prepare to tell him everything you know about Shaun's disappearance.

Tell Nick your story

Start your tale by describing Vault 111 then work your way through the dialogue options, explaining about the murder, the kidnappers and Shaun himself. When Nick has run through his list of potential culprits, find out more about the mysterious Institute then change the subject back to Shaun.

Next, you'll need to describe the kidnappers in more detail - select each option in turn. When Nick asks if you've heard the name Kellogg before, repeat the name and Ellie will note that your description is a perfect fit. What's more, it seems that Kellogg has been spotted around town with a unfamiliar boy in tow. Suggest that the child might be another kidnap victim and Nick will invite you to accompany him on a visit to Kellogg's home.

Follow Nick

Get out of your seat and exit the building through the red door behind you. Nick is waiting outside so head on over and, once he starts moving, follow him through the streets. Climb the long flight of steps around the corner and approach the building at the end. Wait for Nick to examine Kellogg's lock then attempt to pick it yourself. As the door is held shut with a master-level lock, you'll likely need to find a key to proceed.

Get the key to Kellogg's home

Nick suggests that you visit the mayor to see if he can help. Descend the steps behind you and then, once you're back on the ground, head south until you reach the ramp and staircase. Locate the sign on the left that points toward the mayor's office and follow it up the ramp. Continue forward until you reach the yellow elevator platform at the top. Step onto the platform and push the red button to begin your ascent.

When the elevator comes to a halt, step into the mayor's office and speak with Piper. Ask her to go first if the persuasion option is available then approach the woman at the reception desk. Tell Geneva that you'd like to see the mayor then make your way through the doorway behind her. You'll find the mayor staring out of the window to the right - head on over and engage him in conversation.

Explain that Nick sent you and that you want to access Kellogg's home. At first, the mayor will refuse to help - but there are a number of ways that you can try and change his mind. You could, for instance, bribe him with 250 caps, but we'll be using the persuasion option to reveal Kellogg's kidnapper credentials instead. Once the mayor hands over the key, retrace your steps and return to Nick outside Kellogg's house.

Investigate Kellogg's house

On arrival, use the newly-acquired key to open Kellogg's door and enter the building. At first glance, there's nothing out of the ordinary inside - so you'll need to do a bit of sleuthing. Approach the desk on the ground floor and duck beneath it.

Press the red button to open the secret panel in the nearby wall. Step on through and grab the fusion cells from the ammo box by the chair. Next, loot the shelves for food, drink, weapons and ammo, then swipe the stimpaks from the table against the opposite wall. Finally, grab the cigar on the table next to the chair.

When you're ready to continue, approach Nick and see what he thinks you should do next. He'll suggest that you use Dogmeat to track Kellogg's scent - and will ask whether or not you'd like his company on your travels. Make your decision (we'll be bringing Nick along) then, once the conversation is over, exit the building.

Show Dogmeat the cigar

Back outside, approach Dogmeat and select the 'Show cigar' option. After you've instructed him to find Kellogg, the current quest will come to a close. When it does, a new quest - Reunions - will immediately be added to your log.

- The next part of our walkthrough explains how to complete Fallout 4: Reunions.

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