A new world record has been set for blazing through the original Super Mario Bros. the fastest with speedrunner Darbian rescuing Princess Toadstool in a scant four minutes 57 seconds and 627 milliseconds.

That's 66 milliseconds faster that the previous record holder, i_o_l, who in June 2014 made it to the end of the game in four minutes 57 seconds and 693 milliseconds (via Speedruns.com).

Despite setting a new world record, Darbian is aware that this this run isn't quite perfect just yet. On a Reddit thread he noted that he could still save roughly 0.35 seconds on level 4-2. "There is no other time save that a human has ever done (even in practice) prior to 8-4," the runner stated.

That being said, Darbian noted a couple of tiny mistakes in the game's final stage. "My notable mistakes include scrolling the screen a pixel too far in the 'turnaround' room," he said. "I also had poor movement here, as ideally you'll go down the pipe to the water with a 357 on the in game timer."

"The exit to the water section was bad," he lamented. "Ideally you want to swim into the pipe, or at least touch the ground closer to the pipe than I did."

You'd be hard pressed to notice what he's talking about as Darbian's new world record looks flawless to the untrained eye. Check it out below:

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