The second part of our guide to all of the new player-versus-player content introduced with The Taken King looks at the four remaining maps: Ghost Ship, Memento, Sector 618 and Vertigo.

Ghost Ship

We've had the most fun playing Mayhem on Ghost Ship. It's practically a Guardian's military testing range for the creation and gathering of Orbs dropped from supers, and players with a good awareness of the flow of the game can capitalise on duels which spill out into the wide open centre of the map, taking the high ground to drop down for leftovers.

These same guys are easy targets for those that hold the corridors leading off that heated area though. Games of Clash tend to get really spread out on Ghost Ship when playing with and against randoms, so you're likely to be playing hide and seek with your personal nemesis in the smaller connecting areas. For this reason, bring your favourite shotgun or fusion rifle, because you can bet your bottom dollar everyone else will be.


This is a rather small map, with a handful of distinct areas. It's basically a large, derelict building flanked by narrow access areas, through which cautious players weave between cover to avoid the sniper over-watch. Games of Rift have until now been won or lost based on who takes control of the valley of death which leads from the respawn point to the lower central room where the Spark is charged.

Memento is a fun map because you can pick the kind of battles you wish to take part in, patiently waiting for targets with your rifle or sprinting around a Call of Duty-style circuit, twitch-blasting anything that moves. Sadly it seems to be a bit of a thing that Bladedancing Hunters like to camp in the stairwells.

Sector 618

Slightly odd - though perfectly accurate - advice for this map is that success here is all about setting up your own killing vectors. There are long lines of sight across open spaces, while the smallest of gaps through which to shoot can be set up by backing away from stacked containers and walls.

The design is deliberately ad-hoc in terms of object placement, and there seems to be no identical symmetrical areas that allow you to apply a common strategy. Even walkways connecting the two sides of the map are staggered and broken, and the whole thing is deliciously messy enough that anyone familiar with the layout has a huge advantage over those even slightly less knowledgeable of the shortcuts and hidey holes.

Extended sessions on Sector 618 will sharpen your navigational capabilities to the great benefit not only of this map, with its leaps of faith, but all other areas of Destiny. Just remember, if you can see them, they can usually see you.


The most advantageous sniping spots and short cuts in Vertigo require a strong stomach to acquire. These include the Vex teleportation portals, one of which is located a very long jump away from the main sections. It's worth the risk in games of Rift though, because the location of the Spark is a short hop away from the Rift area itself. Even if the opposing team gets wise to this tactic, you can defend your runner by looking for their snipers and shotgun/fusion rifle bandits lying in wait.

As with the Thieves Den from The House of Wolves, there is an enclosed staircase leading to an open area that tends to attract most of the brawls. There are head-high barriers around which to dodge, but because both the respawn areas point Guardians back to this spot it's likely you'll get shot in the back before succeeding in your game of cat and mouse.

It's better to treat this stairwell as a cunning killzone, into which you can lure angry opponents. Lone wolves, lacking the strength of the pack and any form of communication may find themselves sniped into a nervous wreck - the distances between hot spots are very deceiving.

- You can find the rest of our Taken King guide from the first page of this article.

- Mastering the Crucible will come in handy for completing Destiny Moments of Triumph Year 2.

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