Earlier this year YouTuber Spelunky God set a world record be blazing through Derek You's action roguelike in a brief one minute, 47 seconds and 182 milliseconds. Now, the accurately named speedrunner has bested their record by zooming through Spelunky in a mere one minute, 41 seconds and 499 milliseconds, shedding nearly six seconds off their record!

Some of you may recall that just last week someone set a Spelunky speedrunning world record at three minutes, 44 seconds and 411 milliseconds. That was YouTuber D Tea who maintains the speedrunning record for attaining the true ending where you go through the secret final world of Hell - an unlockable level with pretty strict requirements to access.

While Spelunky God doesn't go through Hell, their run is no less impressive. Utilising the teleporter at every step of the way, the new record-setter efficiently warps to the exit of each level almost faster than your eyes can keep up. Sometimes they even warp inside a scorned Shopkeeper, resulting in their immediate explosion. Eww!

Sure Spelunky God makes it look easy, but lemme tell you; that teleporter ain't no toy. Misjudge your destination and you'll teleport to inside a wall resulting in an immediate game over. Furthermore, Spelunky God keeps warping into danger and spends more time than not mere pixels away from certain death (be it via spikes, bullets, or sliding block statues). Sure, they may have been lucky with their loot drops (a teleporter, compass and jetpack in the first shop is pretty much the perfect speedrunning gear), but there is some serious skill at work here. It practically begs to be viewed again and again in slow-motion.

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