Hearthstone players have discovered a card combo that can block the opposing player from being able to play their turn.


The deck, detailed over on Hearthpwn, utilises the legendary Nozdormu card to shorten player turns, and a pair of Youthful Brewmaster cards to return friendly minions back to your hand.

Blizzard's collectible card battler does not block you from quickly playing one Brewmaster's effect upon the other, effectively creating a gameplay loop for as many interactions as you make in a turn.

The animation for the Brewmaster stacks up and then plays out, and combined with Nozdormu will play out through the rest of your turn and then take up all of the time set for your opponent's turn as well.

Play then resumes and you are back in control, able to make an attack then repeat the Brewmaster trick again.

Rinse and repeat and your opponents will never be able to fight back.

The hand is fairly easy to set up, although you will need to construct Nozdormu if you do not have the dragon already. You will also need to wait until the late game to activate the combo, since Nozdormu is a nine mana cost card.

But, if played correctly, there is nothing that an opponent can do once caught in the trap. Until Blizzard finds a way to stop this from happening, anyway.

See it in motion below:

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