From the sanctuary's central elevator, travel south-west until you reach the area's perimeter wall. Next, head west toward the river. Swim across and look for the scuffed patch of dirt that's just alongside the sheer rock wall to the west. This spot marks a secret entrance leading into a cave, so head right and then begin winding your way down the concealed staircase inside.

How to reach the fiery cave

At the bottom, scramble down the vines and hang right, descending until you reach the ground far below. Nearby is a large cave entrance (and some stone steps leading to the ruins area of the map), so slip on in and follow the path around until you reach the fiery cavern interior.

Inside, head east until you reach the top of some stone steps. Immediately to the north (via some vines and a cave) lies an elevator that carries you all the way up to the snowy mountain peak area of the world. For now, head south and scramble down the vines leading to the ground below. From here, climb down the last set of vines to the south and make your way to the nearby checkpoint glyph at the bottom. With that done, you're ready to begin battling a new set of titans.

How to beat Gol'Qayin, the spinning mace boss

From the checkpoint glyph, head east and travel down the steps to the south. At the bottom, continue following the path east until you reach the large open area housing the next titan. As usual, fire an arrow at the creature to begin the fight.

Gol'Qayin uses its large, stretchy arms to drag itself around the arena, attempting to crush you with its two mace-like hands. You'll find it easiest to dodge the creature's attacks - which have incredible reach, so don't let your guard down - by waiting until its arm is fully outstretched, and then rolling away just before its hand smashes down. Be careful though - huge jets of lava intermittently spew up from the glowing holes on the ground, so don't roll straight into one.

To defeat your opponent, you need to aim an arrow at the glowing weak spot on its back. To do this, however, you need to force the creature into performing its spin attack. How? When Gol'Qayin attempts to crush you with its hand, roll beneath it, moving around toward its back. Gol'Qayin will immediately turn around and face you if the move has worked. Once you've done this several times, the titan unleashes its spin attack and starts whirling around the arena with its arms outstretched. It's incredibly easy to get hit by this move, so be ready for some frantic dodging.

The trick to beating this boss is to guide it toward one of the four diagonal edges of the arena during its spinning attack. Pin yourself up against the wall and - with a bit of luck - the creature's pounding, rotating fists should bounce right over your head. After ten pounds (its worth counting them so you can prepare to strike) the titan comes to a halt, facing into the arena. This should hopefully place you right behind it, given you a direct shot at its weak spot. Quickly fire an arrow into its back and consume the creature's soul once it's dead.

If you miss, Gol'Qayin will leap into the air, causing all the lava jets to erupt. Keep your distance and prepare to try once again. When the titan's soul is yours, return to the fiery cavern's checkpoint glyph.

How to kill Rol'Qayin, the rolling rock boss

From the checkpoint glyph, make your way west and, once you reach the wall, follow it north until you spot a large opening. Head inside to take on the next titan.

Once you've initiated the fight against Rol'Qayin, it launches a high-speed rolling attack directly at you, so be prepared to dodge out of the way almost immediately! As soon as the creature crashes into a wall, it bounces into the air and attempts to slam down on top of you. Needless to say, you'll be wanting to dodge out of the way of this strike too.

When the creature lands, it immediately begins to roll in a straight line directly towards your current position. The good news is that, once it's trajectory is set, it won't change direction until it hits another wall - whereupon it begins rolling in a straight line toward your new location. Eventually, the titan loses momentum and stops completely. A few seconds later, it charges up another rolling attack and the whole cycle starts over.

As you'll no doubt realise after a few seconds of battling Rol'Qayin, the real challenge in this fight comes from the deadly flames that the creature leaves on the ground in its wake. They'll kill you instantly on contact and, because they don't dissipate, they'll likely trap you in a corner as the fight goes on. Needless to say, it's imperative that you finish the battle as quickly as possible.

Thankfully, actually doing so isn't that hard at all. All you need do is lure the titan around the room until its weak spot - the exposed, glowing eye - is positioned to come tumbling directly toward you. Then, simply face the creature and unleash an arrow into its eye as it rolls into view. Success demands quick, accurate work so you might miss a few times to begin with. If you do, consider restarting the battle, rather than attempting to navigate the creature's increasingly perilous flame trails. Once it's dead, however, consume its soul and return to the fiery cavern checkpoint glyph.

How to beat Mol'Qayin, the lava blob boss with the crystal tip

When you're ready for more action, head up the staircase to the east of the checkpoint glyph. At the top, continue north and wind your way under the large lava stream spilling down from above. There's a hidden cave behind it, so head up and prepare to take on the cavern's final boss.

First some good news: Mol'Qayin's attacks are incredibly easy to avoid. Unfortunately, getting to the glowing, crystal-like weak spot inside its body is much tougher. As soon as the battle begins, the titan spits out a shower of deadly embers that scatter on the ground toward the arena's edge. Shortly after, it sucks them back in again. All you need to do avoid the attack is roll away just before the embers are released - and make sure that you're not in their path on their return.

After the titan's initial ember spew, it sucks in its breath and spits a bomb out into the room. This won't detonate unless it's hit by an ember, so don't be perturbed by its arrival. While the bomb is still in the arena, the titan will simply spit out and suck in more embers. If the bomb is destroyed, however, the creature immediately inhales and deposits another bomb in the room.

All this brings us to Mol'Qayin's crystal-like weak spot, which can only be attacked once you've lured the titan into a bomb. The resulting explosion will decimate the creature's lava body and expose the delicate crystal inside, giving you a few precious seconds to strike. Unfortunately, the titan won't ever go near its bombs unless you intervene.

You need to wait until the creature begins inhaling (ready to spit a new bomb out into the arena) and then quickly fire an arrow into its mouth. All being well, Mol'Qayin will swallow your arrow, enabling you to drag him around the room by holding down the attack button. Unfortunately, the creature's constant ember attacks prevent you from yanking it straight toward the bomb. Instead, you need to shift around bit by bit.

The easiest way to complete the fight is to fire an arrow into Mol'Qayin's mouth and then deliberately detonate the first bomb in the area by guiding embers into it. As soon as the titan begins to inhale again, start dragging it towards you. This should reduce the distance between it and the bomb it spits out. Next, dash around to the other side of the bomb (but don't stand too close!) and drag the creature the remainder of the way. You need to work quickly here, as the titan will almost immediately begin spewing out more embers which will likely kill you if you dawdle.

If your timing is right, however, the creature should reach the bomb and explode, exposing the crystal inside. Quickly retrieve your arrow and fire a shot at the shard to bring Mol'Qayin down. If all goes well, consume the titan's soul - otherwise try again.

With every titan now defeated in the area, return to the sanctuary's central elevator and prepare for the next leg of your journey. Seven of the eight discs on the sanctuary doors should now be illuminated - so it won't be long until you can explore the secrets beyond.

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