The next part of our comprehensive Pillars of Eternity walkthrough explains how to complete five more side quests in Defiance Bay.

Supply and Demand

Speak with Maea just inside the entrance to The Salty Mast. Just north of the Salty Mast you'll find three bandits standing by a monument. Kill the bandits, then retrieve the Rusty Bronze Key from the bodies.

Cross the stone bridge just to the west of monument. Go around to the west, past the Vailian Trading Company building, and enter the Crumbling House using the key. Speak to Aefra, then kill Aefra and the two bandits.

Return to the Salty Mast and speak with Maea once again to complete the quest.

At All Costs

Just north of the docks in the centre of Ondra's Gift, go inside the Vailian Trading Company building and speak with Mestre Verzano to begin the quest.

Go to Copperlane next and enter the Goose and Fox Inn. Speak with Gareth, give him the package, then speak with Danna right afterwards.

Return to Vailian Trading Company in Ondra's Gift and speak with Mestre Verzano. Decide whether to fight him, side with him or leave. We chose to fight him. After this, you'll be joined by Danna's group, who help you out in battle.

Clandestine Cargo

Just south of the Vailian Trading Company, in the centre of Ondra's Gift, speak with Imatl who's standing at the harbour front. You need to find three missing artefact fragments in the water, but you can only do this during daytime - the water is too deep at night.

Use Scouting mode in the shallow waters to find the fragments, then hand them over to Imatl to finish up the quest.

All Hands on Deck

Head south of the Vailian Trading Company in the centre of Ondra's Gift, then follow the jetty until you reach a hut. Speak to Marceno there, before going north, over the small stone bridge, round behind The Salty Mast to the east, and then south towards the large ship.

You'll be attacked by six bandits. Kill them, then look behind the small boat on your right to find the stolen chest. Return the chest to Marceno to complete the quest.

The Wailing Banshee

South of the Vailian Trading Company in the centre of Ondra's Gift, follow the jetty until you reach a hut. East of the hut you'll meet Niah. Get the lighthouse key from Niah, then head south-east to access the lighthouse.

Fight the rainblights, shades and shadows on the first level, then pick the lock on the second level to get to the top. You'll see the ghost of Lilith here. Use Scouting mode to find a journal in the back of he room, then leave the lighthouse and speak with Niah.

Travel to Brackenburry and enter the Charred Barrel Inn to the east. Go up the stairs on your left and speak with Maerwith. Finally, return and speak to Niah at the lighthouse to complete the quest.

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