BlizzCon 2014 opening ceremony

And that's a wrap!

UPDATE: And that's a wrap! The BlizzCon opening ceremony is over. We got an Overwatch announcement, a Hearthstone expansion reveal, info on Legacy of the Void and more. Stick with us for more coverage from the show over the weekend and beyond.

ORIGINAL STORY: Blizzard's annual BlizzCon jamboree kicks off tonight, and while Eurogamer editor Oli Welsh has his nose to the ground at the show itself, a few of us back home will be covering events from Anaheim as they happen.

When will Hearthstone receive its much-needed new cards? What does the future hold for Diablo 3 after the meaty 2.1 patch? Might we even hear more about Project Overwatch, Blizzard's rumoured new game? Why did Blizzard trademark the name Eye of Azshara, and is there any substance to the Warcraft RTS remake rumours? Expect to hear the answers to all these questions and more in the coming hours.

Eurogamer's guides editor and Blizzard fanatic John Bedford will be joined by deputy editor Wesley Yin-Poole for live chitchat as the opening ceremony unfolds from 7pm UK time, and we hope you'll join us in discussing the announcements as they happen. We'll also be posting all the latest news and developments that break out of the Hearthstone and Diablo 3 sessions scheduled to take place from 9.15pm tonight.

(You can watch the opening ceremony for free over at the official BlizzCon site, but you'll have to buy a virtual ticket to enjoy the rest of the show coverage.)

Our live coverage of this event has finished.



I'd love to see Warcraft 3 redone in the StarCraft 2 engine. Would be great to go back to that classic.


Baban_Iesu says:

I'm hoping for an MMO set in the world of Hearthstone. It's so rich!



Baban_Iesu says:

I'm hoping for an MMO set in the world of Hearthstone. It's so rich!

I'll settle for 100 new cards before the end of the year, with at least one entirely new mechanic to keep the meta churning over between release and the next lot. Fingers crossed!


Just checked the schedule for today and there's uninterrupted Hearthstone play from 8.45pm until 7am - the dream.


Pokkai says:

Eye of Azshara will be the next WoW expansion.

Blizzard's been targeting that 12-18 months expansion turnaround target since The Burning Crusade. Maybe they've finally cracked it, maybe it's Hearthstone - I'd be surprised if they don't draw on more of the existing WOW universe first though. Not long to find out...


One and a half hours to go! Time to buy some snacks, there's a long night ahead.


morley83 says:

The Hearthstone stream has kicked off, they're starting the group stages before the opening ceremony

Yup, needs more Ben Brode though. That laugh...


Hello from Anaheim! I'm sat in front of the main presentation stage - I was in before the doors opened and witnessed an actual stampede, people running in screaming. Felt like joining them. I am EXCITED.


There's mystery two-hour gap in the presentation schedule after the opening ceremony, and we've been urged to keep our seats. Everything points to A NEW GAME.


I also have a half-hour slot with a mystery interviewee tomorrow. Who could it be?


By the way, I'm fairly sure that Eye of Azshara is a new Hearthstone expansion, not World of Warcraft. Bearing that in mind - and that WOW, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo and Heroes of the Storm all have presentations later in the day - I'm sure we're looking at a reveal for the mysterious Overwatch.


Then again, every time I get myself excited about a new Blizzard reveal it turns out to be another WOW expansion, so I'm trying to keep a lid on my oh god it popped off and I spilled it everywhere AGAIN


There's an awful lot of love for Ben Brode in the chat from that Hearthstone Twitch stream. A lot of filth as well, obviously, but mainly love.


We're keeping an eye on Blizzard's Twitch / YouTube channels by the way, and we'll embed the opening ceremony if it shows up. Otherwise, the link above this chat will take you to the official site - you'll need a fancy virtual ticket to watch the rest of the show though.


The extent to which Blizzard has taken over this corner of Southern California is incredible. Walking to dinner last night it was a sea of BlizzCon lanyards and WOW guild T-shirts. Our hotel is showing Hearthstone streams in the bar. This show is BIG.


A dudebro driving past us at an "intersection" (get me - I'm in America!) shouted "NERDS" out of the window of his truck and sped off. Good thing too, he'd have been vastly outnumbered.


So, what do we know about Overwatch? It's the project name - or possibly just the name - of a small team project within Blizzard. We think the team is led by Mike Booth, who joined Blizzard last year. Mike Booth is the original founder of Turtle Rock Studios (Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead).


Is there a link between Overwatch and the cancelled MMO project, Titan? Maybe. As far as we know a small core of the Titan team remains at Blizzard - it and the Overwatch team might be one and the same. Meanwhile, Booth is a specialist in lean multiplayer shooters, and Kotaku recently reported that Titan's action gameplay component was a team shooter reminiscent of Team Fortress 2:


That's probably enough speculation, since it might all be shot down in half an hour! Also, they've started showing trailers in here and the crowd is growing bananas. I can't hear myself think.


15 minutes folks! I just know I have the grin of a child on my face right now...


Warcraft 4 anyone?


Alright chums let's do this...



And let's have a Heroes of the Storm beta announcement. And some more heroes.


A in-game tournament system for Hearthstone, 100 new cards, co-op play, and a replay system would do me just fine.


They just cut Geoff Keighley off. Massive cheers. Coincidence?


Right, BlizzCon is go!


Blizzard's going through the creation of World of Warcraft, which turns 10 years old soon. Ah, the memories. All the memories.


One day I'll tell the story of when my friend nearly blew up his leg while playing World of Warcraft. One day.


The atmosphere in here is unbelievable. You always get a buzzing crowd at BlizzCon, but this is another level. The noise!


Blizzard boss Mike Morhaime is on stage. Hello everyone!


Fine words from Mike Morhaime here. Respect.


Mike Morhaime with a thinly veiled dig at GamerGate there, calling on people to reject hate and harassment. "Let's redouble our efforts to be kind and respectful to one another."


Morhaime now onto Blizzard's World of Warcraft documentary, Looking for Group. It'll debut at BlizzCon tomorrow and will be on the official website later.


We're going to get a look at work in progress footage of the World of Warcraft movie later, too.


Morhaime looks weirdly nervous and excited. It's not like he hasn't done this before. I wonder why?


He looks fit to burst into a "Oh, and one more thing..."


Heroes of the Storm closed beta 13th January 2015!


New heroes, too: Jaina, Thrall and the Lost Vikings. New Battlegrounds, skins and Ranked Play, too.


Of the new HOTS heroes, I didn't think you could top the cheer for Thrall, but Lost Vikings did it. Ear-splitting.


Hearthstone hits Android tablets in December, Blizzard's just said.


Goblins vs Gnomes is the expansion for Hearthstone. Over 120 new cards!


Sheep card!


Well, that's the first of my predictions shot down...


Goblins vs Gnomes is out in December. I want the sheep card. Sheep card!


Right, now on to StarCraft 2. What you got Blizzard?


Ah, it's Legacy of the Void time.


No-one does cinematics like Blizzards. Best around.


Legacy of the Void is the final chapter of the StarCraft 2 trilogy. Blizzard says it's a standalone game.


Now Chris Metzen is on stage. Mr Warcraft here.


Sounds like he's about to announce a brand new IP.


Cartoon visuals introducing Overwatch - a team of heroes and oddities formed to protect a sci-fi near future against some Communist-looking bad guys.


This looks like the heavily rumoured Overwatch.


I'm getting a Pixar vibe here.


Blizzard's character art has always been sensational. Love the gorilla guy.


Jeffrey Kaplan says Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer shooter.


Jeffrey Kaplan was game director of the cancelled MMO Titan, so Overwatch is probably a reworked version of that.


Kaplan was a key designer on WOW who led its development during the Burning Crusade / Lich King purple patch, so he's a pretty safe pair of hands.


Overwatch is a first-person shooter. I'm thinking Team Fortress 2.


The Overwatch beta is in 2015. There's a website live where you can sign up.


Right, that's the opening ceremony done and dusted!


Geoff Keighley is doing an interview with Mike Morhaime. We'll stick with this.


Right, we're done! Thanks for reading. We'll have updates from BlizzCon over the weekend, and more on all the announcements, as well as interviews with Blizzard developers.

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    Wyrm 7 years ago
    If someone told you that cinematic was a Pixar trailer, you'd believe them, stunning to think it's from a game company.
    Sammoore 7 years ago
    Is the sound fading out for anyone else?
    jiveguy 7 years ago
    This looks like it relies too much on ultimate type powers...
    MightyMouse 7 years ago
    Overwatch looks weirdly like Wildstar. This amuses me.
    Sammoore 7 years ago
    and not in a good way
    TheChieftian 7 years ago
    That wasn't great. Wonder what the gameplay will be like
    Sammoore 7 years ago
    This voice acting is making me think of fable
    karlo87 7 years ago
    Metzen is my hero
    Sammoore 7 years ago
    They all seem very shouty, but this one in particular
    karlo87 7 years ago
    This guys been on the coffees too hard
    fortymilliondaggers 7 years ago
    Can someone let me know what the spoilers said? The Twitch stream kept the camera on the guy
    karlo87 7 years ago
    Give us Warcraft 4 to make up for choosing them plz blizz
    karlo87 7 years ago
    Metallica are poop
    Oli 7 years ago
    They just cut Geoff Keighley off. Massive cheers. Coincidence?
    Gl3n 7 years ago
    15 minutes until our bonfire night guests get here. I'll be popping off to the study periodically to keep tabs on developments. Console shooter, Hearthstone Expansion and Legacy of the Void are my guesses!
    TheChieftian 7 years ago
    I'm hoping for another play mode for hearthstone, maybe with more cards per deck, or four players / teams. Maybe even fully constructed decks where the card order is picked in advance, or you choose one of two cards on each draw, just something to mix it up, there's so much potential
    Cartho 7 years ago
    Warcraft 4 announced, and a Warcraft collection with all 3 Warcraft games and their expansion packs completely remade in the shiny Starcraft 2 engine = TAKE MY MONEY BLIZZARD. HERE IT IS. YOU WANT MORE? TAKE MY FIRSTBORN TOO
    Oridan 7 years ago
    Warcraft 4: Revenge of the Gnomes
    Bedders 7 years ago
    We're keeping an eye on Blizzard's Twitch / YouTube channels by the way, and we'll embed the opening ceremony if it shows up. Otherwise, the link above this chat will take you to the official site - you'll need a fancy virtual ticket to watch the rest of the show though.
    morley83 7 years ago
    The Hearthstone stream has kicked off, they're starting the group stages before the opening ceremony
    Dysonism 7 years ago
    Warcraft 4: Advanced Warcraft
    Oridan 7 years ago
    Warcraft 4: Reign of Chaos Harder
    Oridan 7 years ago
    Look, I don't care what form Warcraft 4 will take, just give it to me already!
    Oridan 7 years ago
    Warcraft 4: Ballad of Gay Tony
    Oridan 7 years ago
    Warcraft 4: Black Flag
    Oridan 7 years ago
    Warcraft 4: Corgis Unleashed
    Oridan 7 years ago
    Warcraft 4: Project Overwatch
    Oridan 7 years ago
    Warcraft 4: Eye of Azshara
    Baban_Iesu 7 years ago
    @Jimjamyaha you're a dreamer. I respect that.
    Gl3n 7 years ago
    Eye of Azshara Hearthstone Expansion, Starcraft 2 finale.
    Sammoore 7 years ago
    I'm just hoping there's something that isn't an an MMO or MOBA
    Jimjamyaha 7 years ago
    @Baban_lesu maybe we'll get a MOBA which is set around the characters of Hearthstone, along with the characters from Starcraft & Diablo?
    Baban_Iesu 7 years ago
    I'm hoping for an MMO set in the world of Hearthstone. It's so rich!
    Jimjamyaha 7 years ago
    Post deleted