It pays to be patient in the final mission of Watch Dogs' second act. We'll show you how to stealthily take out the first round of guards, so that you have plenty of tools to play with for the final fight with the Fixers.

Way Off The Grid

- Enter the bunker

- Reach the location of Kenny's last signal

Enter the bunker to start a cut-scene, then head to the new mission marker you're given. As soon as you arrive, walk very carefully towards the door on the southern side of the mission area. A guard patrols the interior here, so wait for him to look elsewhere before sneaking inside and taking cover. Get ready for a fight!

- Eliminate all Fixers

There are half a dozen Fixers that you need to kill here. Half of them are patrolling the exterior of the building, while the remaining three are lurking around inside. The good news is that they're spaced far enough apart from each other that you can pick them off one by one without alerting the others.

That's if you're the patient type. If you'd prefer to make use of the environmental hazards to do the hard work for you, you can certainly do so, but get your guns ready because the survivors will be out for your blood. You might also prefer to use those traps later on in this mission.

However you decide to complete the fight, make sure you grab the crafting items littered around nearby before moving on with the mission.

- Start the data upload

- Defend the area until the upload is complete

- Eliminate all the Fixers

Make your way to the next waypoint, then hack into the computer. Your challenge now is pretty simple: stay alive until the upload is finished. Watch out for explosives when the enemy arrives, and don't be afraid to dart between cover points if it will help you stay alive. If you chose to be sneaky earlier on in this mission, you'll have some environmental traps to play with too. As soon as the upload's finished, you'll need to eliminate any remaining Fixers.

- Wipe the hard drive

- Chase down and eliminate the Fixer

Return to the computer and hack it to perform a complete wipe of the hard drive. When it's finished, go outside and jump in any car except the incredibly slow one nearest to the exit. The car parked on the road is suitably zippy for the job ahead.

As you might imagine, the fire truck being driven by the fleeing Fixer is pretty sturdy, so make sure you stay right on its tail, and use all of the neutralizing opportunities that come your way during the chase. As soon as the vehicle's been disabled, kill the two passengers inside to finish the final mission of Act 2.

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