Pokémon X and Y have sold more than 12m copies on 3DS to date.

An underground success story.

Collected, the two latest adventures also hold the award for being the fastest-selling title ever on the handheld.

Nintendo announced back at the end of January that it had shifted more than 11.6m units of the games, meaning an extra 400,000 have been sold in the last two months.

The new sales data comes from a Pokémon Company press release announcing the launch of yet another Pokémon movie (the 17th, incredibly) which is due for an English language broadcast sometime this year.

For comparison, the original Pokémon Red and Blue (Green in Japan) sold nearly 24m back on the Game Boy. Follow-up Gold and Silver shifted a further 23m.

Game Boy Advance duo Ruby and Sapphire hit 16m sales, while DS iterations Diamond and Pearl sold 17.6m, and Black and White sold 15.4m.

In total, 245m Pokémon video games have been sold worldwide.

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