Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - Find the Mirror of Fate walkthrough, puzzle, Lieutenant fight

Our essential walkthrough for solving the puzzle in the penultimate chapter of Lords of Shadow 2, and handling the fight with the Lieutenant.

The penultimate chapter of Lords of Shadow 2 centres around a mysterious Mirror of Fate puzzle. We'll walk you through how to place each piece in just the right position, before getting stuck into the final showdown with the Lieutenant.

Find the Mirror of Fate Walkthrough

If you've got a spare Dungeon Key on you, jump down through the hole that's over to your left, then kill the enemy just below. Now use the Key and offer Dracula's blood for a reward of 2,000 bonus experience points.

If you don't have a key, climb up the wall over on your right, and then bear left until you find yourself in a corridor. Go down this hallway and then jump down onto the floor below. Examine the fallen knight over on the far left to get another a bit of the Soldier's Diary. Now go through the door at the other end of the room, then go over the bridge in front of you to start another cut-scene.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2: Graphics Comparison

When it's finished, leave the lift and keep heading forward into the next area. Take the stairs, then climb over all the debris, before heading left and going downstairs. Turn right when you reach the end of the next hall, then jump down to the floor below. Go through the round opening ahead of you, then jump down again when you get to the next section.

The Mirror of Fate puzzle solution

Interact with the circle in the centre of this room to activate the Mirror of Fate puzzle. First, grab the section in the upper right-hand corner of the puzzle, and turn it around until the black section is pointing to the left. Now put it in the left section of the mirror, towards the bottom.

Next, grab the section from the bottom left corner, and turn it all the way around until the black bit is in the top-right part of the piece. Now place this second fragment to the right of the first piece you laid down.

Now grab the piece from the top-left section, and turn it around until the black side is facing the right. Put it just above the previous piece you worked on. Take the final section of the puzzle, turn it until the black part is in the upper-right corner, and put it into the last remaining position.

A door will open up nearby when you put this last piece of the puzzle in. Go through it, then jump up and grab onto the chain to get across the pit. Make sure you position the camera just above Dracula and off to one side. That'll help you avoid the shooting flames which are telegraphed by a little spark.

The first one of these flames you encounter is pretty predictable - wait for the flame to shoot and then swing on by. For the next next section, wait for the fire to spout off two bursts before darting across. The third and fourth spouts fire three and four shots respectively, so just wait for the danger to pass before you dart through.

How to beat the Lieutenant

Jump down as soon as you get to the other side of the pit, then make your way into the next room to trigger a cut-scene. When it finishes, you need to fire Shadow Daggers at the platforms just in front of the Lieutenant, while avoiding the fireballs that come roaring over from the other side of the pit. Where you stand during all of this determines the direction the fireball's aimed at, and the platforms that are extended.

Start by standing to the Lieutenant's left, then fire a dagger at the first platform that pops up on the right. Dart out of the way of the incoming fireball, then shoot the platform to the left of the Lieutenant when it appears.

Now move over to the right and shoot the platforms in front of the Lieutenant, before darting back over to the left immediately afterwards. When the Lieutenant jumps up, go back to the right again, shoot the platform ahead of your opponent, and then get back into position over on the left. Fire one final shot at the right-hand platform and your work here is done!

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