UPDATE: The PSN port of Proteus has been priced at Ł9.99 / €12.99 / $13.99. To commemorate its launch this week, Curve Studios has released a live-action trailer starring the game's co-creator Ed Key. Enjoy.

ORIGINAL STORY:Abstract first-person stop-and-smell-the-roses simulator Proteus is set to launch on PS3 and Vita next week. Europe and Australia get it on Wednesday, 30th October, while North America gets it a day earlier.

Developed by Curve Studios, the team responsible for porting Lone Survivor and Thomas Was Alone to Vita, Proteus' PSN port is a Cross-Buy affair, so purchasing it on one Sony platform automatically unlocks it on the other.

One new addition in the Vita version of Proteus is that players will be able to generate in-game islands somehow based on their real world location. Additionally, they'll be able to directly effect Proteus' environment - a new addition since its initial PC release earlier this year.

"It's been exciting working with Curve and Sony to bring Proteus to consoles," said Proteus co-creator Ed Key. "Only a few years ago the idea of designers like David [Kanaga, co-creator] and I being able to bring their creations to a console audience would have been a nearly impossible goal. I'm very proud to be able to bring the game across to a brand new audience."

“Proteus is something very unlike every other title we've worked on so far, and it really is something special," added Curve Digital managing director, Jason Perkins. "We've been working hard to add features to the PlayStation game that enhance the experience without moving away from the exploration, discovery and mystery that Proteus is all about.”

Our Oli Welsh was rather smitten with Proteus upon its February release. "Proteus is a brief experience, and for all its mysteries, has a disarmingly straightforward message about nature and mortality," he wrote in his Proteus review. "Its randomness and secrets make it worth playing through a few times, and beyond that, it's easy to imagine wanting to return to it just for respite from a stressful day or a noisy city."

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