Surgeon Simulator 2013 reveals secret alien surgery

Perform a Gobbleshaft transplant.

Surgeon Simulator 2013's alternate-reality game Codename: Trisha has been cracked. The reward: alien surgery.

That's right. You perform surgery on an extra terrestrial. Because why not?

Unlocking this secret content is a herculean task that took the best and brightest of the human population - and a little brute force - to uncover. Luckily, YouTube user MattShea369 walks us through this insane process.

It begins with a diagram on the back of comically clumsy surgeon Nigel Burke's degree. A series of dots indicates the planets in our solar system, with an arrow singling out Saturn. Saturn, as it turns out, takes 29 years to revolve around the sun and 29 comprises the first two digits of a phone number you'll eventually have to dial.

Scribble on Trisha's note about picking up groceries and you'll find a 61 etched into your doodle. These are the second two digits in the number.

The third two are 4 and 5, a solution initially discovered by trial and error. The hint revolves around the phrase "The ? is in your pocket," a message received in a VHS that appears if you dial the number for "surgery team" found on the fictitious Barnardshire General hospital's website.

MattShea369 eventually chimed in with the incredibly convoluted solution to this. "The 45 actually come from a very elaborate puzzle. The '?' in your pocket is your phone. Call your phone with the in-game phone, and a series low- and high-pitch tones are played. If you translate them into 0's and 1's, a binary sequence giving 9*5 is the result, which gives 45."

At any rate, enter the Brain Transplant mission in space, and type the full number, 296145, into the back panel. This will open the hatch, expelling poor Nigel into space.

Somehow, he comes to back in his own office, this time with a new videotape. Pop it in the VCR and receive the code 4948. From here you'll be unceremoniously whisked away to an alien spaceship, where a cryosleep chamber requires you punch in a number. Enter 4948 and the capsule will open to reveal a grey little alien inside.

"Perform a Gobbleshaft transplant," the text reads. Umm, okay? Good luck with that one!


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