Make sure you download the Medal of Honor day one patch

"Fixed an issue where controls would become unresponsive under certain conditions."

There is a day one patch for shooter Medal of Honor and it fixes more than you'd expect.

The patch, for consoles and PC, includes a raft of fixes for both the single-player and multiplayer portion of the Danger Close-developed first-person shooter.

The patch notes are available on the EA website, but I thought it would be fun to pick out some of my favourite fixes.

Here we go:

  • Fixed an issue where the default difficulty was set to Easy instead of Normal.
  • Fixed an issue where controls would become unresponsive under certain conditions.
  • Players can no longer join an invitation only party without being invited.
  • Fixed "no scope" shooting. Players were getting immediate ADS accuracy without having to wait for the scope to come all the way up. Was very exploitable for snipers.
  • Made switching between primary and secondary weapons much more responsive.
  • Fixed an issue where aiming was pushing the player away from the wall they were standing next to.
  • Made the start button responsive as soon as the player enters the first menu screen.
  • Fixed some subtitle lines being cut off.
  • VOIP team channel no longer includes players from the other team.
  • (PS3 - Japan) Fixed an issue that prevented 17-year old users from playing online.
  • Fixed a case of an explosion not playing the correct audio.
  • Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, brand new players were forced to play with a placeholder weapon in multiplayer until their first death.
  • Fixed an issue where controller prompts were showing even though a controller was not plugged in.

You might have wondered how Medal of Honor passed Microsoft and Sony's certification processes given the nature of its game-changing day one patch. Good question!

"Microsoft & Sony will give you a waiver if you promise to have the Day 0 patch, ask nicely, are a big game, and pay a little," said BioWare's Manveer Heir on Twitter in response to GiantBomb's Jeff Gerstmann. "Not sure if payment is always required but I know it sometimes is," he added.

This isn't the first time EA has released a day one patch for one of its shooters. Battlefield 3 launched this time last year with one, and on Xbox 360 it weighed in at 167MB. That game had a multiplayer beta, too.

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